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So I was in my Googledocs (ack pfffthhhh) when I saw this mostly completed fic and went ahead and tidied it up and posted it. If you're still into reading Torchwood Jack/Ianto fics with a soupcon of angst and a ladle of pornyness ... here's where it is:

Touch, Touched, Touching (1188 words) by faviconvalancy_joy
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones

Three times, three touches, none of them easy. Well, maybe the last one ...

If you're not into that fandom or that pairing... then don't clicky ... it's okay by me! I'm just glad to move it out of the WIP folder and into the posted one. :D
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Title: Home is Where the Heart Is.
Characters: Ianto, Gwen, Rhys
Word Count: 1677
Rated: G for Gwen and every good thing.

In honor of Gwensday, here’s a little thing I’ve been working on and was inspired to finish. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that it makes my NaNo total for the day…  Thanks for that Gwennie.

fic hiding here under the covers... )
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And lo September 15th has arrived. OK, so just barely, but I have another hellacious day at work coming up and I need to get this up, and out, and all that .... so I am posting this THING. It's the work of 2 1/2 months. It has eaten my brain, and made me incapable of writing anything else while I was working on it. I'm not sure I've processed it enough to know if I learned anything from the process (although I'm sure I did) other than "long fics are long."

So here it is, this lovesong to hidden worlds. It's probably not Torchwoody enough to have a large TW readership, and not BatB enough to pull in whatever fans of that show are still around. But whatever. I always said I was writing it for me.

If you would care to read it, I would be delighted. Due to its length I put it up over on AO3. Hopefully you can comment there if you're so inclined. If not, maybe come back here and drop me a comment if you have a burning need to.

Title: Song of the Phoenix
Fandom(s): Torchwood / Beauty and the Beast (TV version)
Characters/Pairings: Jack/various O.C.s, Vincent, Father, Diana, various other O.C.s., cameo by Mouse
Rating: mature
Summary: It’s December 1991 and two men with murders on their minds meet one fateful night in New York City’s Central Park.
Warnings: Some graphic violence. For BatB fans, this is post season 3 with all the baggage that entails. For Torchwood fans, this is a decade or so before Jack would party like its 1999.
Disclaimer: The sand and the sandbox belong to CBS and the BBC. The sandcastles are mine.

Written under the auspices of [Bad username or site: @] ’s Big Ass Big Bang. I never thought I would write anything this long! Remind me of the past two months if I am ever tempted to repeat this experience/experiment… HA!

BETA: the delightful and super helpful [Bad username or site: @]
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Jack would want you to! LOL

Got an idea for a _thing_ -- not sure you could call it a story -- last night just as I was getting ready for bed. So need to get a notebook and put it in the bedroom. I get some great ideas when I'm trying to fall asleep...

But, the bunny, or rodent of unknown origin has me trying to remember something. I realize the futility of trying to pin down any kind of canon timeline sense in the Whonivere... but...

How many times do we KNOW that Jack has spent at least some time in London during WWII

1) conman/time agent days during the "Are you my Mummy" eps
2) post-immortality as he was waiting for his doctor
2a) when he went back with Tosh during CJH [is this him revisiting visit #2 or a whole nother trip back do we think?)

And that's when my brain starts to spin and I can't remember if it's been more that those three... what do you guys think?


Jun. 3rd, 2010 11:27 am
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I'm well on my way to 750 words a day for the past 7 days (counting today). I'm still not sure how true for me, "write every day and you'll write more" is. But. But. I churned out that drabble yesterday (or was that the day before? I am in a time fog lately). And I just now wrote this little thing, the opening line of which came to me in the car driving in to work this morning.

Committing to a daily writing practice has been good so far! And if I do 750 words a day for the month of July I'll have written 23,250 words. That's twice what I need for my Mandr's Big Bang Story. So that's my goal. Spend July writing, and August editing, and presto, hopefully a story at the end of it.

Oh, and have this little Jack and Ianto thing, whatever it is...

Sitting in the pub, a couple pints in, with an eye on the dismal news footage flashing across the television set in the corner, Ianto sighs and says vaguely in Jack's direction, "Do we ever stop going to war?"

It's the kind of question he doesn't usually bother with. Straight answers aren't Jack's forte after all, but he's tired, and settling into a pleasant alcohol haze, and he asks because he can. Whether or not to answer is up to Jack, and they'll go on just the same if he does or doesn't.

Jack snags the open packet of crisps on the table, leans back, props his feet up on the bench on the opposite side of the booth and sighs.

Ianto is adept at reading Jack's silences, and figures he has as much of an answer as he's likely to get.

"I'll get us another round, shall I?" he asks as he slides out of the booth.

"And get some more of these..." Jack says waving the crisp packet and smiling up at Ianto.

Whatever the future holds, Ianto decides, the present is so much more important, and he intends to make the most of it.
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Title: They Who Sit in Darkness
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters/Pairing: Ianto, Jack, mentions of team
Rating: R
Word Count: 2500
Warnings: Dark themes. The usual sorts of trauma one finds when Torchwood is involved.
Prompt: "After the events of Cyberwoman, Ianto returns to Torchwood 3 in order to bide his time and get his revenge."

This is and isn’t the Torchwood we saw on screen, so consider this an AU.
They Who Sit in Darkness )
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Title: Sins of the Flesh
Character: Jack
Sin: Lust
Word Count: 100
Summary: On the battlefield, no deaths are small. Written for week 2 over at [ profile] tw_lucky_7 .
"We mustn't," Juan whispered, the flush of his cheeks hot against Jack's lips. Jack's hands, tangled in warm wet shirt linen, stilled even as he pressed closer. "So beautiful," Jack said softly. His heated breath brushed across the sensitive contours of Juan's ear and Juan gasped before winding his fingers into Jack's hair and clumsily kissing him. Jack gently lowered the man in his arms to the grass. And there, in the shadows of a summer night beneath their downed airplane, he held a dying man in his arms, kissed away his fears, and filled his final hours with passion.

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So I came home from work today, and a drabble wrote itself...

For: [ profile] tw_lucky_7 

Title: Whisp
Author:[ profile] valancy_joy 
Sin: Pride
Character: Gwen
Word Count: 100

“You did it,” Rhys said to her as she lay in the delivery room, damp with sweat, holding their child in her arms. And exhaustion could have been her excuse for the wanderings of her mind. But all Gwen could think of as she lay there gazing down upon damp, downy hair, were all the people who would never see this child. There had been so much death. She heard the dark whispers in her mind, “you were the one who had someone left to live for…” and the nurses saw the rosy flush of shame but called it pride
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While I'm thinking thinky thoughts about who I am as a writer (feel free to chime in if YOU know. I'm not sure I've figured it out) I thought I'd stick a request out there. In the week leading up to mah birfday ... I find myself wanting fics which deal with how/why/when/whyever Ianto 'went gay'/fell in love/came under the influence/decided to sleep with of Jack (actually I guess those are all different fics sort of, but hopefully you know what I mean).

I've read a lot of pretty satisfying post-Cyberwoman fics which deal with the suspension and Jack and Ianto forgiving each other and leading up to the oh so delicious hand-on-shoulder in Small Worlds (which might have been the moment I fell in love with Jack/Ianto, you know. It's so intimate, given all they've just been through).

But have you read/written/do you know of fics that look at Ianto's thoughts etc and his developing "relationship" with Jack? Like ones that really delve into the interpersonal connections between the two, not just 'was it before or after TKKS they started sleeping together?' That's part of it sure. But when and why does this professedly straight guy, with a disabled girlfriend, start to think about Jack as more than a means to an ends. Season One. Season Two? Pre-season? After Myfanwy and those pheremones?

I mean ... WHY Jack? Why is it "just him" ??? Has anyone really really explored this?

If you think you know of fic that apply... drop me a comment. Wouldja?
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Title: The Flat

Author: [ profile] valancy_joy 

Word Count: 5549

Characters: Ianto Jones, Lisa Hallett, Yvonne Hartman, Jack Harkness, and various Torchwood One Employees (and perhaps one Companion, you decide).

Author’s notes: Written for the [ profile] reel_torchwood  challenge. Based on the 1960 Academy Award winner for Best Picture "The Apartment" written by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond (who gets bonus points for a very original nom de plume). Original trailer here: if you're interested. I didn't have to do too much to the plot, it actually worked into the Torchwood universe rather better than I expected it to, although it's probably safe to say this is more AU than not.

Beta'd by: the marvelously helpful and dynamic duo of [ profile] stuffphile  and [ profile] misswinterhill .

Summary: Baby it's cold outside when you can't get into your own flat...not that things are all that much better when you do!

this way to the story )

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Title: Under Cover
Author: [personal profile] valancy_joy
Rating: rated "Toffee-Apple" for sweetness with bit of tartness.
Spoilers: I imagine this as sometime between Out of Time and when Jack buggers off...
a comfortable silence...
a/n: haven't written any TW fic for a while. This just sort of wrote itself this morning. I am rather fond of it.

"I can hear you thinking from all the way over here," came Jack's voice from the doorway.

Ianto smiled as he took in Jack leaning in the doorway, braces down, shirt and hair rumpled, Jack's own smile meeting his.

Jack set a bottle of water down on the table next to the bed, pulled the armchair in the corner closer to the bed, flopped into it and propped his sock feet up on the mattress next to Ianto.

"Your socks don't match," Ianto said as he shifted in the bed, propped up the pillow behind him, and took a drink of water.

"Flatterer," Jack said, laughing softly until Ianto silenced him with a hand to his ankle, fingers absently tracing the diamond patterns on Jack's mismatched argyles.

The two men looked at each other, trying to process a day in which one of them almost died, the silence between them a comfort.

"Get some sleep," Jack said finally, picking up his book from the bedside table.

"Doctor's orders?" Ianto smirked, thinking of Owen's less than polished attempts at sympathy earlier.

"I always find it's best to do what the Doctor says," Jack said finally, rubbing at his eyes.


"Get some rest. You..." Jack trailed off, leaving Ianto to finish his thought for him.

"Jack. All this," Ianto gestured around the room, "this, its ... " Again there were no words, and no need for them really.

"You need anything?" Jack asked, fingers tapping idly against the cover of his book.

"Not a thing," Ianto said, as he curled onto his side facing away from Jack, moving gently to avoid the bruises.
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I doubt there's anyone on my flist that hasn't already had this pimped to them... but just in case ... I have to put my two cents in on this piece of epistolary brilliance by [personal profile] amand_r that I was SO pleased to have been a small part of.

If you've ever wondered what Jack keeps in that tin box of his, you MUST read this ... Reclamation


Sep. 18th, 2009 03:01 pm
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Twitter sent me to an article in the Guardian about Starbucks rebranding itself, and as I was idly perusing the comments I came across these gems:

won't be going in more. The coffee's bloody horrible.I think for their next step they should remove all of their shops from our streets and turn them into greasy spoons serving bacon banjoes and mugs of tea for 50p, run by ladies called Beryl and Cath and Lisa.

 I like their coffee. It's *whisper it* not that bad. Anyway, for those us forced to work in canary wharf, there isn't much choice. Not if you want to drink a proper filter coffee instead of that espresso + hot water travesty.

Now I have some bunnys running about in my head that I don't have room for.

But the comments did make me laugh.
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Title: The Noiseless Tune to Which We Tread
Author: [personal profile] valancy_joy 
Rating(s): Adult
Pairings: Ianto/Suzie, Ianto/Jack, Ianto/OC, Ianto/Lisa.
Word Count: ~3,000
Warning(s): Set in the hours after They Keep Killing Suzie, although the memories are from everywhen. Thematically inspired by CoE, but no direct references to it.
a/n: Post CoE, I think we have a much wider pool to play in when it comes to Ianto. In some sense, now, anything goes. So in noodling around with the notion that Ianto is a lying liar who lies... I started to wonder about some of those moments of his life when he felt he needed to hide from the truth.
beta'd by: The marvelous [ profile] neifile7  and today's birthday girl [personal profile] amand_r . Rockstars both. You were my very first beta readers! Credit must also be given to some very helpful advice over at TWU!
Summary: For Ianto Jones, reality is what you make of it.
Disclaimer: The sand and the sandbox belong to RTD and the BBC. The sandcastles are mine.

THESE are my scales to weigh reality,— 

A dream, a chord, a longing, love of Thee. 

Real as the violets of April days, 

Or those soft-hid in unfrequented ways; 

Real as the noiseless tune to which we tread         5

The measure we by life’s old song are led; 

Real as man’s wonder what his soul may be,— 

A guest for time or for eternity. 

Real as the ocean, seen, alas! no more, 

Whose tide still beats along my heart’s inshore.         10

These are my scales to weigh reality,— 

A chord, a dream, a longing, love of Thee!


"Reality" by Martha Gilbert Dickinson


Jul. 25th, 2009 12:24 am
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AE: What's it like to be part of Janto? They're absolutely one of the most beloved same-sex couples I've ever seen. They're going to live on in people's minds even if you never come back. You had quite an impact in a way not many actors get to. What's it like to be a part of a couple like that?
It's been amazing. I'm very flattered that the relationship between Jack and Ianto is held in such high regard. It makes me feel humble as an actor that it's affected people in that way. It started my career, launched my career, and made me mature as a person. It will always be the most important role of my life.

from this article:

See. Now that's classy.


Jul. 24th, 2009 10:30 am
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Yes. Well, I was going to write about the movie I watched last night… but maybe I have to say something about THIS instead, which is Russell’s take on the big happening on Day Four of CoE.


potential spoilers beneath... )


p.s. I hate that the ljcut thing always makes my formatting go wacky!
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Been encouraging myself to write at least 100 words a day. It usually leads to more than 100, which is all to the well, but I'm enjoying the challenge.

So much so that I hopped over to [ profile] tw100 and put up a drabble for this week's challenge: Moving On. Check it out if you've already seen CoE -- Day Four. Otherwise, wait a bit...

(goes off to hunker down for the duration as Day Four hits American air waves tonight.)
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functioning on about four hours sleep here... but I woke up not being able to NOT think about THAT scene between Jack and Ianto during day three.

let me see if I can put the random thoughts into any kind of order.

this way to the meta-y thoughts... )
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Title: Tea with Jam
Pairing(s)/ Characters: Suzie, Ianto
Warning(s): sarcasm hurts like a bitch.
Word Count:  just above 200
Disclaimer: The sand and the sandbox belong to the BBC. The sandcastles are mine.

Summary:  Suzie trains Ianto up right.

a/n: Just a little doodle that I wrote that amused me... so I thought I'd stick it out there for general hilarity. This pairing is making my brain hurt in good ways...

“Stop limiting yourself,” I told him one afternoon not long after he started. “Right now you’re just calling yourself a researcher. The information is out there to be found, and you have the skills to find it. Now get going.”


“Come on. Surely, outside of spy films, no one REALLY knows things like first pet’s names.”


“London, I could tell you the name of your first pet, your polytech locker combination, the brand name of your first bicycle … and … your school nickname. You don't want me to prove that assertion."

“There’s no way…”


He always needed to do things the hard way.


“Frank. What kind of name is that for a goldfish? 36-5-12, Raleigh, and …”


“Don’t say it!”


“Then get to work and find me some information I can use … Jammie.”


When we got back from retrieving an errant Traxian Transponder, the information I needed, and more, was sitting on my worktop underneath a small plate of Jammie Dodgers. Tucked under one of them was a note that read:
Make sure you eat the evidence.
p.s. My goldfish was great pet. Until Frank sank."
Damn Jack's instincts. This one definitely has possibilities.
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Title: Cat's Paw
Pairing(s)/ Characters: Suzie, Ianto, with a tiny cameo from Jack
Warning(s): set the morning after the capture of Myfanwy.
Word Count:  850
Disclaimer: The sand and the sandbox belong to the BBC. The sandcastles are mine.
Summary:  Suzie contemplates the new boy's place in the universe.

a/n: This was sparked by [info]amand_r's   bit of Ianto/Suzie pron "Un-bell the Cat." I think there's more to say about this pairing, and had thought this might be longer. But it seemed to want to end with just this for now.

Cats Paw

The fog comes

on little cat feet. 

It sits looking

over harbor and city

on silent haunches

and then moves on.

--Carl Sandburg


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