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Yeah. So I've been sorta MIA. In bad headache and bad headspace place. But today is a better day so HI THERE!

It is also payday, so that means I can splurge on dinner. Trying to decide if I want all the Chinese food ever, or a trip to Long John Silvers for greasy wonderful fish finger-filets. Don't hate, I love them. :)

Still trying to get my feet under me about how nice people are over here. Anyone who's been reading my journal here for a while knows I don't really know how to deal with niceness. But its nice. LOL.

OH, and it being payday also means I signed up for another badass make awesome journals out of old photo albums/record holders/old books or journals or anything cool really. Can't wait to get started once I get my access to the videos. And get brave enough to hack up that old ledger in the garage that I've been hoarding. Because of course I need a giant 20 pound journal, right? Actually the record holder one I want to do too should be awesomely awesome.

But hometime now. I just talked to my mother 5 1/2 hours ago, but she will still ask me "whats new?"

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Hello and welcome to topsy turvy week here at The Blue Castle!

*Had a vacation day on Tuesday with no vacation.
*Taco Tuesday was held on Wednesday.
*Waistcoat Wednesday is taking place on Thursday.
*Baring last minute changes, tomorrow's Pizza, Booze, Telly night will be celebrated with Chinese food.
new favorite show first aired in 1972.
*For my job I just watched footage of naked girls playing badminton.
*I went to the "healthy" place for lunch and had bacon and cookies. (admittedly the bacon was on my "healthy" sandwich, but still.)


How is this my life???

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There's really nothing new in this New York Times article on plus size clothing, except to point out once again how little to choose from there is when you get to the larger sizes. Although, I did find interesting the look at why plus-size clothing can be more difficult to fit as the sizes go up.

Which sort of intersected with an email I got from work today giving us the new library t-shirts/polo shirts/fleece jackets preparatory to our Fall Open House event. On the good side, they do OFFER plus sizes, but the increase in price made me do that eyebrow thing!

It's that thing no one ever seems to talk about. Buying a larger size COSTS more.

Not so much with the t-shirt, where the largest size is only $3 more than the smallest size, but the largest fleece jackets are $7 more than the smallest size.

We have two polo shirts designs to choose from. The first one has a $9 difference from smallest to largest, the second one has a $6 difference.

And didn't I just see some news reports about overweight people on average making less than their slimmer counterparts? I can't put my finger on any specific thing right now, but it wouldn't surprise me at all to find that it's true.

And, oh hey, Project Runway starts up again tonight. I applaud them for trying to address this particular issue every now and then, but the designers usually have such fail when it comes to making anything outside of their traditional size 2 fit model that I end up throwing things at the screen. One hopes if they do another such challenge they don't let the designers insult their models as has happened in the past.

Even our beloved Uncle Tim had some big time fail with the plus-size gal he tried to makeover his first season of his own show. Yeah, they never did that again...

People are always telling me I have a great fashion sense. Which is great, but it's not easy. For example, there are no local stores that carry pants in my size. I've been wearing the same four pair of jeans forever. There's a Lane Bryant 45 minutes away that does carry pants in my size, but I haven't yet made the trek since the Lane Bryant that used to be in our mall lost their lease.

And of course it's always more complicated than that. Even if something your size ... whatEVER size that is ... it doesn't mean that its going to fit right, or flatter your shape or personality.

I saw a thing the other day where people challenged themselves to only wear six articles of clothing for a month. Something about limiting your choices like that is appealing, but the reality of it would drive me bonkers.

So ... dressing one's self... not all it's cracked up to be :D

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So. Last night went much better than the night before when the audience was like coma patients. Audience still not HUGE laughers, but appreciative none the less (and they loved us sisters!). And then there was drinking. The theater is sort of nestled in between a small historic town and the big university town, and we hit the small town's drinking establishment after the show. Man, this show is just turning out to be quite the little hot bed of intrigue. We've now got two confirmed couples hooking up, and another girl working on the BFF ... whose ego is just loving all the attention. I stopped outside with the smokers when we got there -- and had my yearly cigarette ... I like a ciggie once in a while, it's true -- and I got ALL the gossip (and got poked to give up the BFFs thoughts, most of which I wouldn't even presume to know, and some of which I know but will not say). And then crammed into a long table right next to the bar we had a few drinks, some food, a few laughs and it was MUCH more pleasant that the last time I went for drinks with the gang.

I'm still exhausted... but we have just two shows left, and I can SLEEP IN tomorrow morning.

More drinking tonight I hear (what, you think we do this for the stage time? LOL) and then a cast party at the leading lady's house!! Must rustle up some food for the partay ... right now I'm thinking of that family specialty which combines mayonnaise, sour cream, pulverized to bits dried beef, onion, and dill. You pour it into a hollowed out loaf of bread, and eat it with chunks of spare bread. YUMMY and oh so addictive.

Today's my last day at work until next Wednesday, so I really should buckle down and get some of this stuff off my desk!
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Just opened a thank you card I got Tuesday night at rehearsal and found MONEY in it! YAY! I love getting paid to do theater.

I was going to the bank today anyway to cash my income tax refund check, so I can take this extra check along. Gotta get me some cash monies to take along to NYC this weekend.

As friend has decided that she doesn't want to see a show, there will be less need for cash ... or a need for less cash ... or something ... but it never hurts to have a bit of fun money to take along in case something springs up and screams BUY ME. I'm still regretting not purchasing that headband with the giant wool-felt rose on it that we saw at the Grand Central Station Christmas Craft Stalls two years ago.

Getting my Radio Show script in order. It's a lovely smattering of actual radio shows, commercials, war bond appeals and the like. The Shadow, Green Hornet, and soap opera sections are hilarious. There's a Buck Rogers-esque one where I'm a stewardess on a rocket ship to the moon in 1993!! :D The urge to adlib something about Prisoner Zero is very strong.

Am also librarian pointing out glory of public lending libraries, and explaining how hard it is to make-do on a salary of $1200 a year. This is, actually, not totally dissimilar to the salary my mother was making as a teacher before she had to quit when she got pregnant with me. And that was 20 years later than our 1944 faux radio broadcast.

so... rehearsal tonight, NYC all day Saturday, final rehearsal Sunday, Radio Show performance Tuesday night, First Summer theater rehearsal Wednesday ...

EEP! Still trying to decide if being this busy is a good thing!
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Here are a couple pictures from Saturday's townwide theatricalness... on this Journey, the kids started at the studio where the Queen introduced them to the story of the Frog Prince and then told them that the Prince was having a party in the park later that day, and would they help get ready for the party?

enter the party here )
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So I'm back in the land of community theater. Went to auditions Friday night with no real expectations.

This particular group has a mass audition in the spring and casts it's whole summer's worth of theater in one fell swoop. So depending on whether you are going for a play or a musical, you have different hurdles to get past. Since I only ever audition for plays I don't have to do the dance and singing auditions, which makes it one stop shopping for me. But you still have to sit in a room and have four directors looking at you as you read for 45 seconds and they move on to the next person in your group.

And there's the usual flurry of paperwork and picture taking when you arrive. Then you stand around clutching script pages in damp hands (it was VERY warm in the waiting room) until they come around and call your name. I happened to get there the same night as my BFF. I hadn't seen him since January, so it was nice to get a chance to catch up.

We were there the second weekend of auditions, and we were only auditioners 40 and 41. This rather explains the personal Facebook note from the prez of the organization to me asking if I would be attending, I think. Over and above the fact that we did a show together year before last and had a great time.

Anyway, you do you thing, with the usual standard speech about "just because we don't read you for a particular role doesn't mean we're not considering you for that show. We can tell a lot from your audition, from whatever reading we give you." Which is true and all, but it does rather mean that your chances of getting cast come down to a reading of maybe a minute or two in length. It's a distinctly unfair process to newcomers. If you've already worked with a director, they know what you can do ... if you're an unknown quantity, you've got to sell yourself IMMEDIATELY. And if you happen to get a reading that's not a good fit -- or as has happened to me, you're reading with someone really inexperienced -- it can be hard to break through. But that's the way the cookie crumbles in this kind of a set up.

In years past, the directors have gone right from the Saturday morning auditions into the casting room where they all sit around and fight over the talent pool. This year they waited a day, so we didn't get our calls until Sunday afternoon. So right after I got to my parents house for Sunday dinner, my phone rang, and lo and behold it was the director who's cast me in 4 out of the 5 shows I've been in with this group! Not having done any prep work for auditions I had no idea what the part was that I was agreeing to. She just said "I want you to be Eva, one of the sisters" and I said yes.

The play is Mrs McThing ... and I haven't read a really good synopsis yet. It was written by Mary Chase of Harvey fame. Something about witches and gangsters and a boy turned into a Stepford-y version of himself. I found an excerpt on Google books which had a bit of some of my lines, from which I can see that I am the bossy sister (of three), and that "Radcliffe taught us how to dress." Over-dressed and bossy. Hmmm... Okay, make with the wise-cracks. LOL. Hey ... Helen Hayes was the lead in the show when it was on Broadway in the 50s. Also Ernest Borgnine and Fred Gwynne -- who went on to be in a little show called The Munsters. I sort of hate hokeyness.... but it's summer theater in a BARN for goodness sakes...

Also good is that the BFF is also in the show as the mobster man. Of course he's also in Streetcar as Mitch, so he gets to be busier than I this summer. They did a lot of double casting, especially among the men, but that could be partially because the first show the season is Twelve Angry Men. Which needs at least 13 men. That's a LOT for a smallish community theater to put together, especially when there are three other plays and two other musicals to cast. And I about fell over when I saw the chorus of 30 in Hello, Dolly. Where they're going to put them all I just don't know. The "stage" (it's theater in the round, so it's more like "the open bit in the middle of the seats") is like 20 by 30 feet. It's TINY. But the way these things go, the more actors, the more audience, especially when there are kids in the chorus, so you have to factor that into the formula.

I get to go and pick up my script tomorrow, so I'll be able to tell more then what I'm in for. But it's going to be one wacky May/June!!
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Your boss comes by with your yearly evaluation and gives you the top mark possible. Last year the cash strapped University whose Library system I work for nixed all raises. There's talk of a small raise this year. So that would be good. But part of me wonders how I can be among the best of the employees. I could be so much better if more was demanded of me. But as long as my boss thinks I'm doing a bang up job, who am I to disagree??

Also, he wants to reward my "success" with more work. I got the usual speech about looking for some additional training in copyright law ... but also, we've got an employee leaving who's been in charge of updating our website. He wants me to think about taking that over. There'd be a bit of a learning curve as we're implementing some kind of management system/software that I've heretofore ignored as it didn't have anything to do with me. But now I guess I've gotta pay attention!

I always say I'm punished for my competence. But the website stuff could be interesting, so I'm kinda into it.

Acting class was rather abbreviated last night as Director Cee was out sick, and my scene partner and I were both tired and not inclined to push ourselves. I spent a lot of it answering her questions about new new Who as she taped Tennant's finale episode(s) and was hoping to jump into watching Who with the new guy. I had to sort of stop and think about how it would be for 11 to be your first Doctor.

I got hooked originally during high school mumblety-years ago when they were airing it on the local Public Television station. I probably saw most of Four and Five, and must have seen some previous as I remember black and white episodes. I had a scarf in college, and the floppy brown hat ... and a shirt with questions marks drawn on the collar.

So she was all "so WHO is the Doctor" which made me smile, and I gave her a very abbreviated rundown ...

She reciprocated by telling me that the guy who played Jamie McCrimmon for all those episodes is slated to be at Dragon*Con this year! That's sort of cool, isn't it? She had no idea who he was ... LOL ... But we'll hook her on the new guy (she'll adore Amy, I'm sure of that), and then we'll get her caught up on the previous Doctors!

Maybe she can get me caught up on Buffy ... anyone who can win a Buffy costume competition at D*C (with a killer Halloween Buffy, pink gown) has got to know her stuff!

Auditions for summer community theater tonight. Gotta tweak my vitae into something more condensed to staple to the audition form, and figure out what to wear. It's got to be something distinct enough to catch the director's eyes, but not so distinctive that it distracts. I have some ideas, but it will no doubt be one of those nights where I try on 17 outfits and fling them all over my bedroom when I decide I hate them. :D

So that's me today. Having lots of good ideas for my Big Ass Bang story ... I know what the plot arc is, even if I don't know how I'm going to get Jack from point A to point B (nor, indeed how he got TO point A) ... but there's lots of good thematic stuff swirling around in my head.

Also, I'll be glad when Tuesday rolls around and I can post my dark_fest fic. I sort of hate it right now, and I will be glad to release it to the world and stop fretting over it.
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oooookay. so new new Who is making me do nutty things... like order red hoodies and short black skirts and gray tights. Also I am still on the hunt for the stripey blue bathrobe. I actually have a nightie that's pretty damn close to the BB one. add one frilly fuchsia bra, and hey presto, it's a costume!

I have, on the whole, never been all that inspired to dress up like tv/movie/book characters (well, I suppose there was that sunbonnet phase when I was addicted to the Little House books)...

But somehow... I wanna get myself a long red wig, and run around as Amy Pond. Hell... I'd buy a blue toggle coat and some red wellies and be AMELIA!!

[and just how goldang lucky is The Moff that he can find COUSINS to cast as big and small versions of one person???]

Not, mind you that I have anyplace to wear these outfits I am gathering. OH well... the hunt is fun :)

Also... I need to be getting on figuring out which Firefly character to dress up as if we have that Shepherd Book book party when the graphic novel backstory thing comes out in November.

it's a costumey state of mind I'm in!


Apr. 10th, 2010 03:19 pm
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A former colleague used to say to me "be brave little rabbit..." and the phrase of the day is: "Stop not being awesome," so I'm throwing myself into Mand_r's Big Bang Madness... HALP.

So this is totally off the cuff and with about five minutes thought... feel free to give me stuff to write about. meatloaf ... hex nuts... sock monkeys ....

Author(s): valancy_joy
Contact email: valancy dot joy at gmail dot com
I intend to write: (jesus god hold me ) 10,000K of late 1980s Jack off the rails in NYC and finding himself having to team up with an odd lion-man he comes across in Central Park late one night. Do not ask me why a 1980/90s!TW maybe!Jack/Beauty and the Beast Crossover… but it’s a day for WTH-ness.

Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance?/Fluff/ with a side dish of crack. I’ll get back to you!
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jack, Vincent, Diana, and those of their respective worlds I have to make up whenever I figure out what this story is all about.
Deadline: August 30
Posting date: September 15
Beta: Hell if I know…  
STORY WILL CONTAIN: Yeah baby. Let’s do the home game version of this. You tell me … give me whatever pops into your heads and I’ll work it in somehow… we know we’ll have to have shadowy city streets, brooding on rooftopsX2, babies, messy sandwiches, poetry, and… [fill in the



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Not sure what was up with the work computer the last few days. Whenever I'd try to go to LJ I'd get this annoying "server taking too long" message. And since I tend to post/read mah flist in between cataloging junque... my LJ time has been seriously compromized of late. But finally this afternoon the internet plumber or whoever seem to have unclogged the choked pipeline and I could finally load my friends page.

Didja miss me? Yeah, probably not, but that's ok. I missed me enough for both of us. LOL.

Got a bunch of random STUFF done earlier. Twigged on to this blog "holiday" called Discardia ... which occurs in any period of the year between the Solstice and the next new moon. You spend time then getting rid of stuff in your life. Physical things, or mental clutter. Whatever you need to release. I have got WAY too much crap littering the little blue castle, so things are going OUT. I will be making lots of runs to the charity shop, but that's a good thing. Even tossed in the trash some unfinished projects that were never going to get completed and I wanted to stop feeling guilty about. BYE BYE clutter bugs...

About to put my feet up and watch Castle, having just returned from a nighttime walk to the corner mailbox. Dude...we need better sidewalks and streetlights around here. I have never liked the dark. And have been skeered into being wary of nefarious characters who might be lurking around every corner waiting to jump out and attack me. Actually, I think WAY too much of my psyche was formed when I was about 11 and my mother was working for a social service agency that ran a rape crisis hotline. Phone calls in the middle of the night ... the knowledge of bad men...

Anyway... not the point... I'm just stopping by to say hello before putting my feet up. Also resting my eyes as I am currently going through 25 year old slides of my one and only Europe trip and scanning them into the computer. Most of them are crap, but there are a few good ones. Still working my way through the 90 slides taken in (or on the way to) England.

Time travel!!!

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I took myself out to dinner tonight. Sudden cravings for Chinese food were not to be denied. So now I feel like I am going to pop!

I got a parking space right across the street, and as I was getting out of my car, I looked up and realized that what I was seeing is probably NOT what people imagine when I say "Hey, I went out to the local Chinese buffet for dinner."
picspamage )My bonus prize for diinner came in the form of a double fortune in my fortune cookie. Guess which one I prefer...

:) Depart not from the path which fate has you assigned. :)


:) Answer just what your heart prompts you. :)


Mar. 9th, 2010 10:23 am
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It never rains but it pours.

or in Bible verse vernacular -- (Mat 13:12) "For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath"

(I'm not much on bible verses per se, but this one figures prominently in The Blue Castle, so it seemed apt, and is worth pondering...)

Yesterday I got an invitation to go see New Moon tonight with my gal pals at the dollar theater. I haven't seen Twilight, but it's more about getting out with friends than actually caring about the movie. And... on Tuesdays they run a recession special... popcorn and soda are both a dollar each as well! Cheap and cheerful,that's us!

and now... on top of this ... I just got a phone call from a former work colleague inviting me out to lunch with another former work colleague. I'm what's left of the four people who used to do my job. These two nuts, me, and an even nuttier person who went back to her mountaintop home and cut off all contact. I love them. They're witty and smart and irreverent.

So it should be an even funner day than I expected. Here's hoping I don't get pizza sauce all over my white jacket. I am rather food accident prone. (We won't talk about the time the waitress drenched me in ranch dressing, or the time I soaked everyone in Jagermeister...)


Jan. 27th, 2010 01:28 pm
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... I am exploring this spider web world of the internet.

well, actually Facebook, which it's taken me like years to really grasp onto... (as well as getting past the negative speak in my head that says things like *why do you think they want to be YOUR friend?*)

anyway... we'll see if I can connect the dots.

I knew that the son of a childhood friend who dances for ABT had a facebook page. But I couldn't find it (silly spellings of stage names apparently) ... so I friended/fanned (whatever) ABT's page and hoped that one of them would pop up at some point ...

and sure enough, just now my childhood friend posted a comment, so I was finally able to send her a friend request.

which hopefully will lead to friending the rest of the family...

connections, yo!
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My weekend seems to have flown by in several 12-hour chunks of time.

Friday into Saturday were two 12-hour chunks of migraine nastyness. Came home from work around noon-thirty and crawled into bed and didn't reappear (except for flying trips to the bathroom to be sick) until around 11 pm. Then back to bed until about 10:30 Saturday morning. Fortunately by then the migraine had retreated. (Although the pain left me with the fodder for an evil alien butterfly that I dreamt or hallucinated or something... I'll use it in a story yet :D)

Then 3 p.m. Saturaday to 4:30 a.m. Sunday I spent hanging out with mah pals watching about 9 hours of Firefly/Serenity. We hung out in our pjs and ate and talked and made "ice planets on a stick" [see the teaser to The Message for our inspiration].

Here's a picture of some of us curled up on the couch... me, my in-name-only wife, and her boyfriend [the vanilla bf gets a little nervous when I joke about the hospital billing error that sent her mail to her but with my first name and inital... leading us to conclude I was her wife ... or as we decided last night we were each other's wives. Anyway... it's great fun, although I think it does make the bf wonder about us/me. Really he shouldn't worry ... but it's kind of fun to tease him...]

Mah "wife" is holding the infrastructure for her "ice planet on a stick." I am holding my puffalump to protect me from the Reavers.

Hilarious that basically all of us were cosying up in our sleep pants and consuming large quantities of ice cream molded around string. And believe it or not there was no liquor or illicit substances involved. There was wine, we just never remembered to open it!

Ok, the ice planet thing is just too good not to imortalize for you... here they all are holding up the ice planet solar system. LOL.

So I'm working on about five hours sleep today... but totally worth it!!!

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a friend just posted a bunch of pictures of himself in shows he's done ... and as I was skimming them I about fell off my chair when I realized I was in one of them... and that I LIKED THE PICTURE OF ME. I almost NEVER like myself in pictures. But dammit... I am cute here!

So here is me as Irma Kronkite in a production of Picnic I was in, oh, what... four or five summers ago...

You just don't want to know how long it took to get my hair that curly every night :D
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This wasn’t the entry I thought I was going to write… but I’ve found it’s better not to ignore these kinds of impulses…
I remembered just a bit ago that I have this deck of Tarot cards… and I was suddenly possessed of the desire to pull cards for 2009 and 2010 respectively.
Now, I know NOTHING, or next to that, about Tarot cards. But when I’m drawn to pull a card, it always tell me something true. Do I know what that means? Certainly not … but I believe in mysteries, so why not give it a whirl…
So I shuffled the deck, which lives in a wooden tea box called “The Magic Tea Box.” (Apropos, no?)
I cut the deck, and thought about what I was supposed to know about 2009, and pulled the Seven of Pentacles – Frustration.
‘Cause I don’t know my cards, I gotta look ‘em up in my book… which tells me that 7P is about cycles, and seasons, and waiting for planted seeds to grow.
“Fear of failing, or indulging in worry about future results will not determine a favorable outcome. You must maintain a strong desire to achieve, even in the face of defeat. The roots have dug deeply into the soil and the garden will bloom again in its own time. Remember that it is neither profitable nor necessary to continually measure the growth of your project.”
Translation: Stop judging and start WRITING. :0)
A lot of 2009 was working on just this. I find myself unable to write and just sit here with my fingers on the keyboard pondering whether my story’s going to be any good. I must find a way to get over this block. Goals, man.
So then, I shuffled the cards again and thought about what I’m supposed to know about 2010, and pulled The Empress… and started crying as the book says something about dreams and unconditional love. But then it goes on …

“Creative inspiration and productivity are available to you …”

So I don’t know what it all means, other than I should try and believe in myself more, you know? That’s a good New Year’s Resolution, right?
Happy New Year you guys. Here’s hoping 2010 is a good one!!!!

[formatting courtesy of lj which hates me and word equally]


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