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Ok, so the plan all along has been to follow up last year's appearance as Little Red Riding Hood with being Goldilocks this year. I mean, come on... is THIS not sweet:

But I'm nothing if not flexible... and given all the wackiness with mechanical sheep over there across the pond... I'm thinking now I might take my stuffed sheep and say I'm Little Bo Peep!!

Anyway, it a lovely fall day here, and in a couple hours the town will be filled with costumed folk.

I'm not usually home during town-wide trick or treating, so this is my big shot at Halloween fun.

Also need to remember to grab some stuff for the food bank for the reverse trick-or-treat collection.

Have a lovely day everyone!!
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The Halloween costume arrived in the mail today. It's intended to be Goldilocks... but what I bought was something called the "Sexy Dorothy" which what it is (or isn't).

Anyway. Looks OK from the front, but I will have to add an underskirt or something as it's WAY too short in the backside. Maybe throw in some pantaloons to be on the safe side as it's a family event! (And outside at the end of October. So maybe for warmth too).

Also, the outfit will come in handy if I need to pick up any extra cash as an Oktoberfest waitress... LOL.

So here is the horror that is me as Goldilocks ... (the bear's name is Herald. He came from Macy's).

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Signs it's not going to be a great day: You're at work wearing the same shirt you slept in last night.

Last night's workshopping went well. Hammered out some rough spots in the Glinda meets MacBeth's witches piece. Parcelled out the parts. Died laughing when read where Director Cee had added the witches quoting Jack in "Small Worlds" about the evil fairies.

Have decided that Witches One and Two must be sleeping with Jack. Three would have declined. Maybe she already has a girlfriend. (note to self: your brain is weird. No it's not. Yes it is. It's WYRD.)

Anyway, they must also have met up with Ten at some point, now that I made Cee add "wibbley wobbly timey whimey" to the script. *SNORT*

What it did mean is that I had to step in and take over the Wicked Witch of the West  who has a couple lines.

Which means I'm no longer free to do the Julia Child/Shakesperean/Ethel-bethan cookery parody ... which is ok since I hadn't gotten around to writing it yet!

Which also means that if I am being the WWotW at least part of the time my blue renaissance gown won't work. So while I listened the designers cracking up on Project Runway I ordered me a green gown.

Was trying to find something that balanced Renaissance with Oz :0)

Went to bed late, got up late, and have been struggling to a) stay awake and b) not kill people. So far so good. But it's time for some additional pain killers and a bagel sandwich. And maybe some fritos.

The jury is still out on whether I will be awake enough to go see the invisible best friends production of Odd Couple tonight. He's graduated to Felix. When I directed it, he was Roy.
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Being all about not actually working here on my last day before a week long vacation ...

I shall post the sartorial splendiferousness that is The Female Dandy...

The linky is making the rounds, but as I have to see all fashion through plus-size glasses... I am always glad when there are trends that adapt themselves well in this area.

The waistcoat works especially nicely in my case, being larger, but still hour-glassy ... and I'm all about a brooch!!  Pair it with a nice man tailored, wide legged pant, or longish skirt with equestrian vibes, and I am one happy camper. I have to be careful about all those neck ruffly things. I love the look of them... but they can get way to Pierrot-y if they're too over the top! I tend towards a much more tailored collar to offset the look a bit, but someone else's MMV.

Vintage-inspired just makes me happy all around. Talk to me about that plum colored smoking-jacket inspired cardigan that buckles at the waist that I just bought the other day!!

Am sad though, that this doesn't come in my size...

In other modish news... I am narrowing down my Halloween outfit options.
1. I can follow up on Little Red Riding Hood from last year, and do Goldilocks.
2. I can adapt my Big Mama costume from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof into The Queen of England with the addition of the right hat and little black bag. (Oh, just the excuse I need to buy a really great Kelly bag).
3. I could be a really extravagant girl and use this as the excuse to buy that Regency dress I've been drooling over for a while now.
4. Keeping my feelers out for some great additional brainstorm...


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Am sitting here looking over my schedule for the day while my mid-morning coffee brews.

I have a meeting tonight to help plan the town's Halloween Parade. A friend of mine took over the organizing of it, and roped me in last year as a judge.

But this gives rise to the really important question.... WHAT AM I GOING TO DRESS UP AS FOR HALLOWEEN???

I was Little Red Riding Hood last year. But I feel like I should come up with something new and exciting for this year. But I have like ZERO ideas.

I'll be getting all "Medieval" in September for our two day Shakespeare festival in the park. I'll be getting all "Victorian" at Christmas time. Anyone want to throw some other genre/timeperiod at me for an idea?

I haven't ever really gotten into the whole cosplay thing, although I think it would be brilliant, but who or what to be????

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I was so born in the wrong era. My dress arrived from these folks last night, and I had to try it on when I got home. Not the greatest picture (of me and friend) but it does give the lines of the thing. And it fits me really well. Baby those are some serious sleeves though. And long skirts just make me happy. I don't know why. But does there really need to be a reason?
picture under the cut... )


Dec. 12th, 2008 03:31 pm
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As the Christmas season approaches, what to my wandering eyes should appear... but my glue gun!

In our little town, which saw it's heyday in the 1800s, every December have a weekend called "Victorian Christmas."

Crafts fairs, horse and buggy rides, community concerts, gingerbread house contests, homes tours, breakfast with Santa, and the like. And all with top hats, and bonnets, and capes. It fits the tenor of the town which has lots of large old Victorian homes, a reasonably healthy B&B community, and a fair prescence from the Historical and Cultural Association.

A friend is in charge of the "entertainment" (which includes everything from breakfast with Santa, to performances by the local folk choir...) has been trying to pull off roaming carolers for a couple of years, and for reasons various hasn't managed it until this year. I helped her cut out some velvet capes and skirts a while back, and she had some questionable help in the seamstress department getting them sewn. Then the budget got pre-empted by some unauthorized purchases... so she ended up with some fairly dreadful felt bonnets for the women carolers.

Well. I couldn't be having that. So a quick trip out in the icy weather yesterday to wal-mart for silk flowers and ribbons, and I was ready to go last night. I got half of them done. The velvet they are supposed to match is red, blue, brown, purple, and burgundy. Let me just say brown and purple are NOT the most Christmasy of colors. But the purple hats are great, even if I do say it myself.

I did two red, two purple, and two brown ones last night. More to come tonight. While anyone really serious about historical reenactment would die a thousand deaths over them (and the aforementioned hot glue gun)... for outside caroling for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, I think they will do just fine. I'm just happy that the girls won't look like displaced pilgrims.

Examples of each color


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