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NaNoWriMo Day 1 sort of did my head in by exposing my soft white underbelly. Hmm. Wait, I think I'm mixing things up there! But it did rather swamp me over with all of my writing insecurities burbling up from within and making my day rather tiresome.

meltdown day one )

Brought to you by the letters PEP and TALK.

One of the writing prompt comms I follow had this as today's prompt: "He woke to the sound of soft, steady knocking coming from the stairs."

Maybe I'll use that and write Sherlock and John fighting because Sherlock just brought home a bag of dead cats or something.

Who knows. But from 6:30 till 8:00 tonight I will be applying fingers to keyboard ... and trying to leave the judgments and the freaking out for another day.

How long is November???

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Oh hey... my brain has had an idea!

I've been pondering what to work on during NaNo month.

Given my recent brush with longfic, I'm not sure I want to tie myself down to one project all month. So I was thinking perhaps of pecking at the squares on my hurt/comfort bingo card.

But then this morning I suddenly remembered I have three sentences of my Torchwood Regency fic started, and if I was looking for a longer project that can generate a decent word count that this might be the project to work on.

I mean, tell me there's not places to go after this:

"Captain Harkness knelt, cobblestones digging into his knees as he held his dead mistress in his arms.

It was late at night, and he could hear the water from the fountain in the square splashing in the background, as his pulse thundered in his ears. Cooper, the housekeeper, stood looking down at them, her eyes wide."

Of course to do it without too much research (I tend to spend too MUCH time researching)I'd have to make it Victorian, but I think with the characters I have in mind, and their inter-relationships, it all doesn't actually change that much with the shift in time period.

Add to it all the fact that it might be fun to write ... and maybe more than 16 people would read it :)

The big decision I have to make is how to set it in Cardiff and still keep some echo of the Hub. I mean, I can put them in some made up townhouse in Cardiff, but that doesn't necessarily give me the Plass/dock/bay/water feel. Thinking out loud here, I think that means that Captain Harkness has to be ex-Navy, and have a controlling interesting in an import firm that owns a large warehouse in the docklands of Cardiff past.

So we'll see... but that's today's thoughts. Sound like a plan?

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And what a great day to start my novel. Or the 50,000 words I have to write to find out whether I have a novel or not. Anyway... I'm crazy... but it'a good kind of crazy, right?

I've been productive today. 1667 words. The first chapter done on my story about a lonely boy called Lovely who goes to live with his aunt who runs a bed and breakfast. After that, stuff happens. Don't ask me what! Have named the TV show the kid's mom gets a job on (necessitating Lovely moving in with his Aunt). I wanted to name it Brooklyn South ... but when I checked, Steven Bochco beat me to it. So now I have pirated another NY city w/in a city and have, in my nod to the Law and Order Universe, called it Hudson Heights. Wherein, I suppose, fictionally resides Hudson University, the most dangerous college campus EVER.

Yesterday was blah day in which I got all boo-hooey that my Halloween activities included a solitary dinner at the local Chinese buffet ... and then to complete the dinner and movie date with self, I took myself to the dollar movie house (where the drinks are four times the price of the movie) and finally saw Ponyo. Oh how I love the Studio Ghibli stuff. I assume this was the dubbed version, and the subttitles ones are usually a bit closer to the original intent, but for a buck, I ain't quibbling. Any movie that's essentially The Little Mermaid meets Cocoon, with a side helping of The African Queen is bound to be something I'd love. There were about 20 of us there, and mostly adults, but I suppose the kiddie audience was out trick or treating.

We have a family tradition of hiding from the trick or treaters during the assigned town-wide times. My mother was a teacher before she retired, and it's usually best not to let your kids know where you live unless you want your house tp'd or egged or the like. So we hide. Also, Halloween when I'm here by myself is a bit weird.

Will be odd to go back to work tomorrow. Since I was out of the office all day Friday "networking" it's like I've had a three day weekend. I was at a seminar on "The Right to Information Access" and I can't say is was wildly stimulating, but it got me out of the office for the day, and gave my bosses boss a chance to introduce me to her husband... It wasn't quite a costume.. but I did end up looking rather Ianto-y that day (with a jacket from Doctor #5's wardrobe):

So off to find some lunch and put my feet up and think about the 1,000 words I shall write tomorrow.


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