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found an interesting site that I am going to play around with and see if it gets me writing more on a daily schedule.

just did my first day. hit my target count, and then poked around the stats page, which gives you a lot of weird conclusions about your writing, but I rather liked "frequently used words."

am don't get going good hot just know like lot me miss much my myself not now really rehearsal right should still stuff that's thing things try trying up whole

and I'm off now to get food before rehearsal...
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I haven't check my flist yet to see if this is already making the rounds ... I saw the link on twitter and found it a fascinating read. Hart Hanson who's the showrunner for Bones talks about writing for tv. But it's also about a lot more than that. Really interesting!

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In case you were wondering ... I'm still here.

Have had to sacrifice the online writing for the offline writing... although...

Attempted to work on my novel for NaNo month. Got about 8,500 words in and crashed and burned. I know they say just write and you will figure out where the story is going... but it wasn't working for me. C'est la vie. La novel is in a coma right now, but will come back to it at some point.

To pull myself out of that hole, I started working on my Reel_TW story which is going better, although draft #1 is basically just a reworking of the actual script. But once I get the bones laid down, I can start embellishing. It's actually sort of scary how many parallels between TW and the original movie I am finding, given that they have NOTHING in common. Also, was happy to figure out a way to work Jack into my TW London story in a way that actually is more canon that need be in this AU story!

And I got my Yuletide assignment over the weekend which I am pretty happy about. I get to write in a fandom I've never written before, but have read read read so much that I don't think I will have too much trouble coming up with something fun for my recipient!! There is much to play with in that world that I first got turned onto in college ... so I forsee some fun there. Also I will have to go back and re-read a bit to refresh myself and that's never a bad thing.

In non writing news... had our first "rehearsal" for the Christmas play last week. The next rehearsals will be dependent on Director Cee's recovery from her knee surgery last week. Given that the gist of the whole thing is an "everything that could possibly go wrong, does" production of A Christmas Carol... anything goes. To that end we're working on a lot of improv-ing, so we add that into the mix. The Victorian themed Christmas celebration here in my little town is a BIG DEAL, so it will be fun to play into that.

(I should do a post showing you the absolutely INSANE gingerbread houses we used to do for the townwide competition)...


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