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1. Could have used HUSKIES to get to work today. We experienced earliest recorded snowfall yesterday, and some places got between 5 and 6 inches of dense wet snow overnight. Since most of our tress still have their leaves on them... this means downed branches and 10,000 people without power.

You know weather is serious when campus bans tailgating at the football game tomorrow!!

2. Campus is also under what is euphemistically entitled a "Midnight Clear." All that really means is all the surface parking lots have to be free of vehicles over night so they can plow. I still LOL when we get the mass emails A MIDNIGHT CLEAR HAS BEEN DECLARED.  I always think there should be the sound of air-raid sirens in the air.

3. In spite of all this crazyness, campus Homecoming Parade still seems to be taking place. I will try and leave work early before all that madness begins. I saw one float lumbering across campus as I was leaving the mothership this morning. During normal weather conditions, there is usually a surfeit of tiny little pieces of tissue paper flying all across campus.

4. Had a meeting at the Library this morning. I always have an odd reaction to this meeting, as I end up seeming WAY more important than I am. This was only emphasized this morning as it was our first meeting of this academic year, and so we had to go around and introduce ourselves, mostly to the people who were teleconferencing in over the phone from the statewide branch campus libraries. Everyone's introducing themselves as HEAD LIBRARIANS  or departmental SUPERVISORS. I am about as far from one of those things as it is possible to be! I am very much a worker bee with no supervisory, or decision making abilities. But I know how to speak library-ese, and my boss wants as little to do with this end of things as possible... so there I sit. Hooray for me.

5. There may be tears later. I just bought myself a new scale with a digital readout. If it tells me I weigh more than the crappy 30+ year old scale I am replacing I will not be happy. After last week's five pound weight loss, this week's single pound is frustrating me. I don't really want to compound this frustration by going backwards... but we'll see when I get home and compare the two scales.

Wishing everyone a warm sunny weekend with CAKE!!
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You know how when Kermit the Frog gets totally fed up with everything falling down around him and just runs around screaming AAAAAAAAAA? Yeah. Tha't going to me today (perhaps minus the running part, thanks to a bruised pinky toe).
I have a major work thing the next two days where I have to go into the mothership and spend nine hours a day trying to sell my department to 3,000 or so mostly distinterested students. Besides the general suckiness of having to pack up all the nonsense needed to spend two days at the library, it's a big time drain on my nerves. I am not good at anything remotely related to sales. So I have to put on my actor hat ... and doing that for an entire day (followed by another entire day) is VERY WEARYING. It's like doing eight performances of a full sized play back to back to back... (silver lining: at least this year there is wireless internet and my baby laptop. We are encouraged to tweet the open house, so I will do that, but will also have access to my own stuff too!)

And then... to put the cherry on top of things ... the theater group I work with is preparing for a Shakespeare festival weekend after next, and rehearsals are starting to kick in. So following the soul sucking work thing, I will have to go and try and stage manage a bunch of actresses.

ALSO. I have been asked to help write one of the sketches (I also have a sneaking suspicion I'm writing my own performance piece). So, me, who doesn't write well on a time schedule, has to try and come up with wacky Shakespearean food hilarity. I would be working on writing that in between all this work and rehearsal stuff...

EXCEPT. The company has recently hired me to help do some of the rudimentary kinds of PR ... sending out press releases, and submitting events to websites, and the like. Since we're working on selling the Shakespeare thing, this all needs to be done like yesterday ...

Which is the point at which I turn into a flailing frog!!!!!

Add the stress of a friend whose father is dying, another friend who's in a play that I must find time to see, the fact that a couple of the NY actors may have to bunk on my living room floor, which means I have to find time to CLEAN MY HOUSE...


Gosh life. Could you just chill out a tiny bit???????? K. Thxs.
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This interview with The Magicians author Lev Grossman dropped into my mailbox this morning. He has interesting things to say about writing Fantasy, and the interactions between writers and readers. Interesting stuff.

Am preparing to do something we don't do very often around this here workplace... have a staff meeting. While I certainly don't want to give anyone the impression that I want MORE meetings... I think twice a year is perhaps a TAD too FEW meetings when you're running a department of 30 or so people spread out over 8 or so locations.

And actually, I do have something to run up the flagpole (as it were). Every year The Library holds a two day open house primarily aimed at introducing first year students to the GIGANTOR library that we have. It's theme based (although the themes have gotten a lot tamer lately. *is sad* *misses the Pirate themed years*). And so for two days in September I get to coordinate (mostly by default, no one else being interested) a dog and pony show about the marvels of technology at a couple tables in the libraries' main circulation room. We are usually shoved right next to the Dance, Dance Revolution student club demonstrations. Let me tell you... DDR looks like it might be kinda fun... but after two solid days of listening to that music and watching those kids stomping away... DDR can suck it.

And being a person with almost crippling shyness... spending two days talking to 4,000 odd students is not exactly stress free for me.

But that's NEXT month.

Right now I'm off to enjoy the last day before the students move in. The ROTC kids are gathering outside our doors to give us a taste of what tomorrow will be like.

Oh, to be able to work from home...

ETA: So I wasn't going to look. But we know how that goes. So when I was checking out these pictures, you know what gutted me ... even though they were probably left over from some previous memorial token... the little paperclips hung onto the "tourist center" grating. Like, a token, when you don't have anything else... you leave the office boy an extra paperclip, just in case.

(And we won't even talk about my instinctive gasp the other night when I was watching some stupid tv show and the EMT's showed up to rescue a girl and wrapped her in a red plastic tarp. GUT REACTION was never so true.)
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Just got back from my Friday fish-for-lunch run ... and there are elebenty billion open parking spaces in the lot next to my building that's usually full up.

Seems nobody is working here at the U this Friday afternoon.

Off to eat lunch and horrify Bunter by getting greasy fishy fingers on the pages of "Clouds of Witness."
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Some days it's only too clear that my workplace is really my boyfriend ... and he's a bad boyfriend.

The kind who ignores you, but pays still pays your bills. (hmmm... perhaps it's not so much boyfriend as illicit lover. anyway...)

While the ignoring is mostly nice as it means that no boss is up in my face all the time, and 'surfing the net' falls under 'other duties as assigned'...

But there are some days I want to just throw all the workplace's stuff out on the front lawn and tell it to get lost.

Reaslistic. No. But nice to dream about.

So meanwhile I sit here with an ancient computer that throws Camille like tubercular fits if I try and do three things at once. (That upgrade scheduled for the fall can't come soon enough.)

And soon I can go home and spend the evening in my studio turning paper and fabric and ribbons and buttons into more than they were before.

Hey, quitting time can't come too soon!
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only in academia...

This just arrived in my inbox:

To begin to address the overall civility issue, focus groups will be conducted to investigate how employees... define civility and to measure their personal perception of the ... current environment with regard to civility.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for civility and all that it implies. But do we need focus groups to study the phenomenon?


Jun. 11th, 2009 04:18 pm
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I think I may have pissed off a co-worker today by subtly (or maybe not so) showing her (through liberal application of multiple post-it-notes) why  she should shut up and go away. But when you are worried about things that don't require worrying about it's time to be sat down hard in the "don't be so frakkin' stupid" chair.

Then we sat in a stupid meeting for two stupid hours ... only to conclude, "Hey, this needs more work. Let's think about it and have another meeting in six weeks."

Editing by committee just never works.

Clearly I am cranky today ... I am not sick, but not feeling exactly well either. Like the achey bit before a cold or something.

I am filing today under 'stupid people are stupid.'

A-NY-WAY...  back to rehearsal tonight. Made Julia give me last night off to lay at home and be unspecifically unwell in unspecified ways. But now we must get back to it. Gotta crack the whip a bit (or I guess her corset laces) and get her to get Act II memorized. All good ... but sometimes I think if I have to hear "success in beauty lies..." one more time. :0) But I better get over that 'cause it's another say five weeks till we open.

Clearly today's posting is being brought to you by the letter: indignant.

I will now go back and finish my now cold lunch of pot noodles. Very unexciting.


Apr. 23rd, 2009 03:18 pm
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I am getting nothing done today. The highlight was signing up for a two-day Reference Services retreat ('cause the boss didn't want to/couldn't attend) and finding out it comes with three free meals.

add to that a somewhat useless taskforce meeting and some ramen noodles, and it's just a bang up boring as hell day. With rugrats.

It's "Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work" Day. So people's kids are everywhere...

If I had the energy I'd get all wanky about why it went from "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" and became all PC and inclusive and junque.

Anyway... off to watch a film on industrial food production. Whee.
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My boss puts in a rare appearance to wish us a happy Easter before buggering off for the weekend ... and a short time later the speakers in the video preview room start smoking!! Co-incidence? Who can say?

Am now going off to wade through a ridiculously titled "Missing-Assumed-Lost Proposal Summary."
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So I take two days off in order to report for my assigned jury duty, and I come back to an office swamped in work. NO fair!

Jury duty was interesting. It was a civil trial, one of those car accident pain and suffering things. We ended up deciding that since the plaintiff had the burden of proving the case, and they had such a bad lawyer we just couldn't say that their case had any merit. The defense poked enough holes in their story, and the bad lawyer seemed out to sink his client ... so... there will be no reparations for pain and suffering in this case because we just couldn't say that the car accident was the ultimate cause.

(and don't even get me started on the disparaging remarks made by the bad lawyer about the defense's expert -- a big city doctor -- who couldn't be trusted as a "real" doctor because he gets paid to give his opinions on medical cases and makes $250,000 a year. Apparently an education and skills are things that make people untrustworthy??? I might have expected that attitude from the plaintiffs who live on a mountaintop and had a certain sulleness that you get sometimes from the "havenots" towards the "haves" ... but for the lawyer to use that as very nearly his sole defense? A bad cess on the bad lawyer!!)

Also, we all agreed that if we ever needed an attorney, we would be calling the defense's lawyer. She was sharp! (And subpoena happy)

So, two days off work, a forthcoming check for $9.00 a day from the county for my services, a free lunch while we deliberated, and all the free coffee and Lance peanut butter crackers we could eat during the trial proper... and we kept the wheels of justice turning.

And now back to trying to dig towards the surface of my desk!!!
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Just sent off my annual yearly RL work self-evaluation.

They're always a pain in the ass ... but usually at least a bit worthwhile as our yearly raises are based on our merit. And of course you wouldn't expect anything less than staggering bureacracy from a large University.

But since the economy's in the tank, they've already told us there will be no raises this year ... making our yearly "what we think about ourselves" essay just that much more pointless.

Perhaps it wouldn't be pointless if I had a boss who gave a krappe and actually used these evaluations as a way to help us improve our skillz and all that twaddle. But I have a useless boss, which is generally a good thing, but occasionally not.

But I've done my bit ... now there's the endless round of my boss taking the evals to his boss, and then back to us for our approval of what they had to say, and then back to the human resources folks... and round and round we merrily go.

Higher Education... killing trees since 1855.


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