Jan. 22nd, 2015

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Rehearsals for The Diviners going well. All of Act I blocked now. We've been doing it in pieces and chunks so when we try and run the whole thing tonight (twice we hope) it'll be interesting to see it from start to finish.

And because it's my friend's thesis project, its been interesting to do a show with that added level of "instruction" laid over it. My friend is doing it to practice directing. The baby stage manager, and costume and sound designers are doing it to learn how to do those things. There are a handful of theater major students who bring their thing to it. But the bulk of the cast in fact is local theater types who do it 'cause it's fun and challenging. It's nice to feel a part of the University Community as it were. Also it's occasionally hilarious as the Theater Department's production of Avenue Q is rehearsing in rooms all around us, so its a wacky counterpoint to all of our Depression Era midwest grit!!

We did this tiny scene last night in the middle of Act I where a rainstorm sweeps over the town and there are a lot of little scenes woven together of lots of people's reactions to the incoming storm (I had to re-type that not as "oncoming" storm :) and I have this lovely little scene where it's just Luella and her husband Basil on their front porch talking about how great the rain is. And the guy playing my husband put his arm around my shoulders. And man oh man I'd forgotten how great something like that feels. Just the simple warmth of two people pressed up against each other. I get so used to my almost total lack of touch from other people that it was a little added bonus to my evening somehow.

But now, time to get back to work. New girl's last day is tomorrow... so lots of extra stuff to do. again. sigh. *drinks SO MUCH coffee*


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