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For an hour last night it was Dec 9, 1944 in one of the local senior living communities. Show went pretty well. A couple places where things didn't go totally smoothly, but nothing earth shattering. We had about 60 residents attend. Many of them sang along with the songs, which was great. One tiny little white haired lady came up to us afterwords to compliment our costumes.

"Memories fade, but then you see something, and it brings it all back," said she. How great is that?!

Especially since we had the right FEEL ... but the bulk of the stuff we were wearing was 80s remixes of the 40s look. There's only so much you can do on no budget and marginally useless thrift stores! :)

I personally felt great when I got a few giggles out of the crowd during my 'help save friendships with Arid antiperspirant' commercial!!

I'll try and remember to get pictures when we do the show again on June 1. I'm playing hooky from the summer show that night. Paying gigs are always good incentive to miss rehearsal. lol.

Ran into the director for the summer thing at lunch yesterday. She was like "Did you read the script?" and my "Yes" was a bit of a fudge, since I've still only read the bits I'm in. Hello self-centered actor type person! But it was pretty clear that she thinks it's as stupid as I do, but she says "We're just going to have fun." Which is a great attitude for summer, community, amateur, volunteer theater. Read-through is tonight, so I'll know more tomorrow. The cast has apparently changed a bit since the last update to the posted cast list, so I'm curious to see who all is along for the ride now.

So in the words of the Chase and Sanborn Radio Hour... Let's have another cup of coffee ...
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So last night's late night movie indulgence was a wacky little Joan Crawford film called "The Story of Esther Costello."

I just read a review that said this was "Miracle Worker" meets "Johnny Belinda," which it was ... with a side of rape and an evil non-profit/charitable organization to boot. Oh, and a good-hearted young reporter, and his jaded editor for extra expository dessert.

Rossano Brazzi was as sleasy in this as he was dishy in "Summertime."

The moral of this little film seems to be that money corrupts, and rape cures deafness and blindness ...

hmmmm.... well, the clothes were great, and Joan got her Pepsi plug in. The performances are pretty good... but the SCRIPT. YIKES.

Now I just need to stay awake. We've got a show tonight at the local Quaker run retirement community. I hope our little staged Radio Show goes over well. Should be fun!! I'm looking forward to it...
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Just opened a thank you card I got Tuesday night at rehearsal and found MONEY in it! YAY! I love getting paid to do theater.

I was going to the bank today anyway to cash my income tax refund check, so I can take this extra check along. Gotta get me some cash monies to take along to NYC this weekend.

As friend has decided that she doesn't want to see a show, there will be less need for cash ... or a need for less cash ... or something ... but it never hurts to have a bit of fun money to take along in case something springs up and screams BUY ME. I'm still regretting not purchasing that headband with the giant wool-felt rose on it that we saw at the Grand Central Station Christmas Craft Stalls two years ago.

Getting my Radio Show script in order. It's a lovely smattering of actual radio shows, commercials, war bond appeals and the like. The Shadow, Green Hornet, and soap opera sections are hilarious. There's a Buck Rogers-esque one where I'm a stewardess on a rocket ship to the moon in 1993!! :D The urge to adlib something about Prisoner Zero is very strong.

Am also librarian pointing out glory of public lending libraries, and explaining how hard it is to make-do on a salary of $1200 a year. This is, actually, not totally dissimilar to the salary my mother was making as a teacher before she had to quit when she got pregnant with me. And that was 20 years later than our 1944 faux radio broadcast.

so... rehearsal tonight, NYC all day Saturday, final rehearsal Sunday, Radio Show performance Tuesday night, First Summer theater rehearsal Wednesday ...

EEP! Still trying to decide if being this busy is a good thing!
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So I think this is my third sick day in three weeks. Stupid headaches. I have lots of sick time built up, which is the good thing, but I have things I should be doing(tm) at work ... so I'd rather not use them up as I lie in bed and moan and wish to rip my sinuses from my head wholesale, and have odd dreams about wandering around in giant sandy mazes. Better than that migraine induced dream a while back about a giant alien butterfly sucking out my brain through the back of my neck, but still creepy.

Woke up mid-afternoon, and felt so much better. Talked to my mom, ate a poptart, and via magic that is Netflix streaming straight to my tv (through the Wii) I just rewatched s1e2 of Merlin. I mainlined all the s1 episodes in one marathon day on SyFy ... but now I'm going back and rewatching ...

Must go shower at some point, and get ready for acting class tonight.

Also, must read today's chapter of American Gods. Don't know as I'll be all up in the twitter-verse's discusison of this... but I'm finding it an interesting read, and I just don't read as much as I would like to, so anything that can capture my attention is a good thing.

Also, also, am going to try and enjoy the next few days of downtime. Starting next week, it's about to get to be all theater all the time around here. Between rehearsals for the summer community theater thing (which don't start 'til the 19th), the other company I work with is rehearsing some staged radio shows for local senior living communities. Summer theater rehearses M-Th nights from 7 to 10:30, and S/S from 1-5. Radio show rehearsals/performances have been slotted into pretty much any night off. In fact, one night I'm double booked, but summer theater can do w/o me for ONE rehearsal.So... Enter the whirlwind. But staged radio shows are the bestest fun.

The cat is sleeping in a puddle of sunlight in the guest room. I wish I could join him. But there are more 'things I should be doing(tm)' ...
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Here are a couple pictures from Saturday's townwide theatricalness... on this Journey, the kids started at the studio where the Queen introduced them to the story of the Frog Prince and then told them that the Prince was having a party in the park later that day, and would they help get ready for the party?

enter the party here )
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My parents always say the worst thing they ever did for me was give me a tv for Christmas when I was eight. To my great delight I get to counter with the fact that I now get paid to watch videos for a living (sort of). [It was little white plastic black and white set. I watched a lot of Mission Impossible on it when I was supposed to be sleeping :)]

But it is true that I love me some teevee.

So exploring all these new channels I get now is just fascinating.

Have now seen the crack that is Top Gear.

I watched a 1960 film with Albert Finney called called "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning," which was a bit like a downmarket "Alfie" but kept giving me Ghost Machine flashbacks as it was a little bit the same tone as Owen's abusive yob storyline.

eta: here's the theatrical poster. I do love a poster with quotes by Bosley Crowther.

Also, watched a bit of new new Who as they were re-running "The Eleventh Hour." BBCA chopped out the unexpectedly naked Doctor bit, which when I thought about it didn't surprise me in the least. But still...

In non tv related news...

Had a bit of a fright just now when I looked at my calendar and realized that May 1 is only 10 days away. INCOMING THEATRICALNESS!! INCOMING INCOMING!! YELLOW ALERT!


Fall, we do the Shakespeare in the park festival. Spring, we do A Journey. Townwide peripatetic theatricalness.  Last year I was the Dormouse in our Alice themed Journey. We threw a tea party at the local coffee shop and had the kids and their parents play along with our wackiness. This year it's fairy tale based and I am not really sure what I'm getting up to, other than an interactive craft/creativity thing ... and then the whole day culminates in the town park where we get everyone to play along with us as we go mad and cultivate silliness. Part of the New York company comes in for the weekend and it's exhausting, but very exciting.

Great fun. I just sort of didn't realize it was that close. Dude. Time and me just don't get along!
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so I was swallowed whole by theater... and got a cold for my troubles.

actually feeling ok at the moment, but that's probably the drugs. a while ago there was much shivering and the appearance of the blanket burrito.

am trying to catch up with the flisties... and hoping for dragon themed dreams as I have to write my Yuletide fic in the next couple days.

So while I am off reading (or like sleeping), I leave you with my new (first) sort-of-a headshot. It's eerily similar to my senior portrait. taken by one of my fellow castmates. I wish it did not look like someone took a pie server to my bangs....
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...especially while in the middle of a reno when the house is an absolute tip, AND under assault by some particularly cagy mice in mah kitchen... do NOT ... and I stress this... DO NOT watch Hoarders right before trying to go to bed.

Jesus people I was up all damn night. I couldn't get this poor lady out of my head. They took (as I recall) 8,000 pounds -- yes, EIGHT THOUSAND POUNDS -- of trash out of her house. And I really couldn't get those poor dead flat cats out of my head.

(I'm sorry if I put that horror in your heads. I don't want it in mine either.)

So changing the subject to something shiny ...

Before all this, earlier in the evening, I set up my December scrapping/journaling station. I am taking what is loosely termed a "class" but is in reality a series of prompts to journal your Christmas. I think I mostly don't do enough to celebrate the good in my life, so I'm going to try to do a little scrappy page or two a day. I have all the raw materials laid out on my work table ... and if I can get to them -- the cat likes to lay on top of whatever I'm trying to craft -- I'm hoping to have a lovely little album when the 12th day of Christmas rolls around.

Am also gifting myself with another on-line craft class where we're going to learn to make the most wonderful journals out of scrap papers. It's going to be BRILLIANT.

Rehearsal tonight in the performance space. Feel very nostalgic. It's the auditorium where I did my first community theater shows o lo these many years ago. I bet it hasn't changed much. We''ll see. It'll give me a great entry for my Christmas book at any rate!
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This is so great on so many levels...

We had to replace Juliet in this piece we're putting on next weekend during the Shakespeare Fest ... and we've convinced a BOY to take over the role!!

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A play, sillly.

I will be participating in a reading of Clare Booth Luce's "The Women" next Monday night.

I get all the maids. Jane, Euphie, Helene, and Sadie. Plus assorted sales girls and floozies. And one of the one line wonders... the lingerie fitter. Imagine the poor woman who had to hang around the theater every night for one lousy line. But then I'd hang around a theater for far less compelling reasons than the opportunity to say "We've kept her standing too long."  for eight shows a week!!

off to work of making seven different women distinct characters.

and find four aprons to wear (fortunately I have a lot of them... )


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