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So somewhere I think I saw someone challenging others to poetry every day in October, and I thought, "hey cool, I love to do found poems. I should do that. Yeah, that lasted one day. :| But maybe I can do 31 poems in 31 days and still make it mean something. But hey, I've done one poem so far. Not strictly a found poem. But I did use a page out of the same romance novel I've been using for years now for these things as the starting point. Then it sort of went places from there. And dude it's depressing. But at any rate I did SOMETHING ...

Somehow the word "seven" at the top of the page turned into the title "event horizon"

Gazing in the mirror
That Sunday morning
Professed affection
Brought a glow to her cheeks.

But it wasn't long
He simply
Learned to look through her
And then he was gone
Leaving her
And shattered.

more later as I write them. I keep going back and forth on leaving the word mortifying in there. it seems wrong somehow in combination with the other stuff in that first part, but I really like the combination of opposites that 'mortifying extraordinary' makes...

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Did I wait until I was 44 to write bad teenage emo poetry? Ah well, so be it.

Summer Sadness

Just after 10 the snapping and crackling began
As I lay slumbering on the sofa.
So up I got, and put on some shoes
And out to the end of my driveway I went.
In the dark
Lit only by the sparkle of fireworks in the distance
I tried,
But found myself
Unable to truly enjoy
This small town rite
Of light and magic.
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today's found poem. Page 34

Her fingers raw and stained, unflattering.
Her dark eyes watchful.
Seen in the photograph
...Long after she had been transfixed
By Arcadia

(LOL... when c&p-ing this into lj, lj added the ellipses. But I kind of like it so I'm keeping it :)
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This is short, but it was created from half a page of text ;)

Page 27

A deep breath, a young starling seeking sanctuary, escaping.
If brave enough
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Her smile slid from her face.

They trudged on up the cliff path in silence.

Straight ahead, a silly game

Won't go on anymore.


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