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So there's this little bunny I keep seeing on my daily walks between the parking deck and the library. Lil' bunny is little. His body's about the size of my fist. Super cute. Other bunnies of various sizes hang out in the grassy tree filled plaza, but he's by far the smallest one I've seen. I didn't see him yesterday morning, but last night as I started up the walk, he leapt out from beneath a bush at my feet, and "hid" under another bush. Totally adorable as he had a giant dandelion leaf sticking out of him mouth :) Like a big green tongue. LOL

Not much doing here this morning. I'm between spreadsheets, so am just trying to keep looking like I'm busy.

So different over here ... international students sitting on the couches across the floor chattering away in their own languages ... colleagues that play classical music in their offices ... rainbow support stickers from the campus LGBT soc in office windows.

I think, I hope I will be very happy here. Very content this morning, certainly, and that's worth celebrating.
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right, so I had a number of goals going into this news job. among them were:

don't wear jeans to work.

um. guess what I'm wearing. that one lasted three days.

another was -- stay off livejournal during the day.

um. well.

well, criminy, I keep being told over and over and over again "we're pretty laid back here."

also disorganized a bit as a bunch of us circled around each other for 20+ minutes this morning trying to figure out if we were having a meeting or not.

then the associate dean came by to try and welcome me, but I was in said meeting, and maybe should have gone out to talk to her, but didn't want to leave my meeting blah blah ... I think she's the real reason I'm over here. That I'm part of some master plan years in the making. So I would have liked to talk to her, but there's a few weeks before she retires...

Then the departmental music librarian arrived back from vacation and had to come into the same meeting to hug me welcome. Got her/us a round of "didn't you want to say hi to us," good natured (I think) grousing from the others at the meeting. So hard to suss out all these interpersonal things.

Not an hour later the same woman turned around and invited me to go to lunch with her and her twelve year old daughter. Ended up not working for a variety of reasons, but we've tentatively re-scheduled for next week sometime.

Another of the librarians had to drop by and tell me a) my top was cute and b) about how "some of us" have put table lamps with incandescent bulbs in their offices to combat the fluorescent lights. It's true it's very white in here. well, eggshell, or whatever the current buzz word for off-white is! :)

so a bit of a whirlwind day. Supervisor is off all next week to go to a conference on Anglican music in South Carolina. Lucky sod gets to go to Biltmore. *cries jealously*  But I suspect most of next week will be taken up with kicking our project to send 10,000+ inches of materials to the annex. Which naturally, requires a spreadsheet (or five).
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I am, as I suspected I would be, totally knackered from today's Open House.

Corralling a few links so I can check 'em out later when I'm awake. Feel free to take a peek at the madness we go through to try and convince people that libraries are fun.

Wept deep tears... ran movie trivia film clips today and no one could identify either "Doctor Zhivago" or "Gone with the Wind." WEEPS.

my pictures with the little camera in my new little netbook.

giant flickr group of pictures

Time for a cuppa and to pull some stuff out of the dryer. Will try and catch up on everything after tomorrow ...

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One of the fun things about working for a large library is that sometimes authors come and talk to us. Yesterday was a treat as it was a children's book author with good things to say about truth.

Also, her advice to 'research to the edges. That's where you lose the sterotypes and find the stories.'

So for an hour or so yesterday we got to hear the wisdom of Newbery Honor Award Winner Susan Campbell Bartoletti as she talked about --

“A Willingness to Disturb the Universe: The Responsibility of Truth in Narrative Nonfiction for Young Readers."


Like J. Alfred Prufrock, we long for meaningful lives. One way that we make meaning is through the telling of stories. Stories feed us. They help us to make sense out of our world. They give us the courage to stand up, to claim ourselves, for today and for a lifetime. But these things are risky, because they dare to disturb our universe, to change our lives forever.

Susan's latest book, The Boy Who Dared (2008), is the true story of Helmuth Hubener, a German youth who stood up to the Nazis. (and died for the possession of truth, gleaned from a contraband shortwave radio.)

also amusing: 'the way to find a plot is to figure out what your main character wants... and then don't give it to them...'


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