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You know... I kind of hate that I love so much of the stuff on the BBC ... because I hear my flisties talking about stuff I will have to wait AGES to see!

Being Human series two is just starting to be available on iTunes in conjunction with it airing on BBCAmerica. So I've pre-ordered all eight of those. I would rather not wait a week between getting them, but it will be like watching them on TV I guess :)

And I hear good things about this new Sherlock but god KNOWS when we might see that on this side of the Atlantic legally.

This is NOT an appeal for linkies. I know I've gotten my New Who series 5 on the DL... but as part of my day job is Video Copyright... I get a bit nervous about having that stuff around, even on my home computer.

It's just a vent about how I wish there was a way for the BBC to get this stuff to those of us overseas at more or less the same time as they can have it in the UK. Obviously the BBCA broadcast right get in the way, but for those of us w/o access to BBCA ...

It's a morning for frustrations around here... and this is just one of them.
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I haven't check my flist yet to see if this is already making the rounds ... I saw the link on twitter and found it a fascinating read. Hart Hanson who's the showrunner for Bones talks about writing for tv. But it's also about a lot more than that. Really interesting!

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It’s weird when you find your entertainment worlds intersecting in odd ways…

It started last night when I was watching the latest Leverage on TNT … an episode directed by Jonathan Frakes and staring both Brent Spiner and Armin Shimmerman. Go ST:TNG alums!! [although I’ve been an Armin Shimmerman fan since Beauty and the Beast…]

Then I got to poking around on YouTube and found the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas special which I hadn’t yet seen.

Then being in the mood for more Leverage, I poked around on the internet and found some episode excerpts… one of which was a scene where Timothy Hutton’s character is going through fake id’s as he’s on his way to catch a plane. He flips through a series of them saying … “I’ve got a Tom Baker, a Peter Davison, and a Sylvester McCoy…”

When his female partner comes up with an id for a “Sarah Jane Baker” … they’re off to the ticket counter. And I am nearly rolling on the floor laughing my … well, you know...

And then, being on some kind of episodic TV binge, I find an episode of Bones online that I hadn’t seen (not hard, just really starting to get into that series) where Booth and Bones are in London … and who should be playing the copper from Scotland Yard but Indira Varma … who, among other things, has been on two of my big TV obsessions … Torchwood and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

So yeah, I watch way too much TV… but it ends up being like some great live action connect the dots page!!!

Whee… off to drink some more coffee and come down off my big time TV high…


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