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It's interesting to me that I keep getting [favorite story] alerts from for a story which was my first (only?) Torchwood long fic. I find much of the story to be cringeworthy these days ... but it's also the story that taught me how to write for Torchwood. It was my first smut. It started out as my Torchwood romance novel/curtains fic and gets WAY too twee by times. But I discovered while writing it that I was writing really dark flashbacks and they were what I really liked writing. Created as a WIP I only finished it because people encouraged me to, which was gratiftying, and good to keep me writing, although I'd never leap in like that these days. I learned stuff writing this. Not sure what makes me look back at it, but looking back is ok.

There are nine chapters.

The first one just sets up the premise, although there may be are some dreadful 'butterfly kisses' which I continue to blush over. (I think I remember at some point going back and changing all the Yans to Iantos, which tells you what stage of writing I was in at the time).

Chapter two is mostly transition. I like the idea of the Torchwood stationery ... and the UNIT uniform. elsewise...

Chapter three, well, I would probably lose the morse code if I were to rewrite, but the first flashback is here, and it was the most "adult' thing I'd written at that point. I don't think I got jack and ianto post lisa quite right, but I was trying to work through the minefield there, and I think there is some good with the not so good.

Chapter four is the smut wherein I discovered a have a thing for a crisp white dress shirt...

Chapter five is another good and bad. They say things to each other they would NEVER say, this being curtainy, and there's another flashback which doesn't quite work, but I like angry!Ianto. Also chapter five contains an OC because of course no curtains fic is complete without a former lover... ;0)

Chapter six -- PLEASE skip or all your teeth with fall out from the sugaryness of it all. (although I do like the idea of Ianto choosing a tie of the correct tartan for their location). Just go watch the movie "Firelight" instead. It's a far better use of your time. Don't even ask how long I agonized over the menu for the winter picnic.

Chapter seven -- the one with the nightmare. except for a continuing debate with my brain re: pet names, I think this one is pretty good. I was hitting my stride a bit here with the characters I think. Starting to learn some things. Bonus points for the sci fi genre jokes. :0)

Chapter eight was renamed by nearly everyone who read it as "Ianto's Revenge." I am rather pleased with it all around. The OC's stand up for what I needed them for, Ianto is wicked competent and Jack is amusedly fond. And there is jam.

Chapter nine I worked and worked and worked over, and in my head where I transitioned into a more serious writer. There is smut, which was its own struggle, since the writing of it pains me ... but there is a bit of Jack backstory, and some 'Jack's come back after the year that never was'- story. I think it could stand on it's own apart from the chaptered fic. It's probably still a bit too precious in spots, but I tried to put in layers. And finally got some very good advice from the invisible best friend who read the alley sex in draft form and reminded me this is two MEN having sex. This is very valuable advice, VERY, even if didn't want to hear it at the time. But I did rewrite with this in mind.

So, overall, its probably one of my weakest TW fics, but maybe the most important to me as a writer. I was transitioning from to LJ at the time which rather mirrors my growth as a writer I think.

I am certainly not pimping my own stuff, but for cross referencing purposes, here's the work in question: A Gentleman's Gentleman

and now back to your regulary scheduled programming...
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Series Title: A Gentleman's Gentleman
Chapter: 9/9
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Word Count: ~3,500

click here to go back to Chapter One

“Every Savage Can Dance – Two Steps Back, One Step Forward”

The valet and waiting-maid are placed near the persons of the master and mistress, receiving orders only from them, dressing them, accompanying them in all their journeys, the confidants and agents of their most unguarded moments, of their most secret habits, and of course subject to their commands, -- even to their caprices; they themselves being subject to erring judgment, aggravated by an imperfect education. All that can be expected from such servants is polite manners, modest demeanor, and a respectful reserve, which are indispensable. To these, good sense, good temper, some self-denial, and consideration for the feelings of others… will be useful qualifications.” -- Mrs. Isabella Beeton’s Book of Household Management, 1861. Duties of the Valet, chapter 2234.

The routine of his evening duty is to have the dressing room and study, where there is a separate one, arranged comfortably for his master, the fires lighted, candles prepared, dressing-gown and slippers in their place, and aired, and everything in order that is required for his master’s comforts.” –- Duties of the Valet, chapter 2242.

Jack leaned back in the tub, luxuriating in the hot, steamy bathwater. The lights were low, and Ianto was humming a soft waltz to himself as he picked up Jack’s clothes from the bathroom floor. The tune was one that had been played during many fancy dinners, in many times, and Jack found himself floundering in time a bit. As he lay in the bath, eyes closed, listening, he saw in his mind a house party long ago, and a beautiful girl with whom promises had been exchanged.


The story continues here... )
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Title: Chapter Eight – Green Eyed Monsters
Series: A Gentleman's Gentleman
Summary: Ianto may not be jealous... but he does get even...
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG
A/N: a/n: way back when, I had suggestions to include grumpy UNIT officers. Here you go. Mostly I just wanted to take a look at Jack and Ianto from another's perspective.
Words: 1716

find the start of the series here


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Title: A Gentleman’s Gentleman, Chapter 7/?
Rating: R for some disturbing imagery…
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Summary: There are no vacations in Ianto’s subconscious

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WARNING -- this dream imagery ended up creeping me out, and I wrote it. If you have a low squick tolerance, skip down past the italics…


Chapter 7 – Contradictions      


chapter eight
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Title: A Gentleman’s Gentleman
Chapter: 6 of ?
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: mostly it’s just fluff, fluff, and more fluff. Shall we consider calling today Twee Tuesday after all the sweetness in this…???
Summary: Ianto arranges for a private dinner for him and his Captain…

Chapter Six -- The Folly
a/n: Ok, I willingly admit to being besotted by a movie called "Firelight" which I haven't seen in a number of years... but it's basically Jane Eyre with sex, so what’s not to love? The estate in the movie has this mind numbingly wonderful folly in the middle of a lake. Tres picturesque. So I am borrowing the setting, and perhaps a bit of the conceit... but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? So when I was thinking of some place on the Lethbridge estate for this little assignation, the folly came to mind and I ran with it.

for those who like visuals, there's a picture of it here

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A Gentleman’s Gentleman – Chapter Five

Title: A Gentleman’s Gentleman
Chapter: 5 of ?
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG-13 for some bad words
Summary: In which Jack contemplates lovers old and new.


Chapter Five -- Understandings )

Chapter Six here 

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Chapter 4 – Buttons

“Dear God I’ve created a monster!” Ianto gasped.

Jack had spent the last twenty minutes exploring the first four things on his hastily created list of fun things to do with a silk tie.



Chapter Five Here 

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Chapter 3 – Gamesmanship

a/n: Jack’s morning session got rather highjacked by another more interesting session between Ianto and Jack. But I’m rather pleased with the chance to explore this oh so complex relationship, so I went with it…it’s also more M than I’ve ever written, so be forwarned about some intense language and situations…

Jack was sitting at the corner of a large U-shaped table with the rest of the conference attendees, bathed in the blue light of what Jack felt must surely be the most boring PowerPoint presentation in the history of the galaxy… maybe even the universe. It was killing him knowing that Ianto was behind him, sitting in a row of chairs along the wall provided for the attendee’s assistants. Jack could smell him, could sense that unmistakable essence of Ianto, a heady combination of coffee bean, ink, silk, citrus, and desire. Jack inhaled the familiar aromas, and the very air tasted of Ianto.

Chapter Four Here

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Chapter 2 – At Break of Day

When Ianto sent Jack back to his room after they’d made the rounds of the opening night reception, smilingly telling him he’d “join him in a little while,” Jack was eager to find out what would follow. Twenty minutes or so after he’d returned to his room, there was a sharp, brusque knock on his door and he never expected to be confronted with what he saw when he responded to the knock. Standing before him in full UNIT kit –- boots, camouflage uniform, utility belt, sidearm, and that unmistakable red beret -- was a serious faced soldier (with very familiar blue eyes) who saluted sharply and announced, “Reporting for duty as requested, Sir.”



Chapter Three Here 

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Hmmmm... some folks are having trouble finding/reading the opening chapters of this that I posted over at Seems to work for me... but let me cut and paste them here... can't have readers jump into a story in the middle and not have anwhere to go... :0)

A Gentleman’s Gentleman – Chapter One


Chapter Two Here


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