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I don't talk too much about my love for Law and Order: Criminal Intent (I don't, do I?). It was first fandom that drove me to the internet in search of fellow fans. I came in some time in the middle of season five (in real time), but watched most of the episodes on USA in re-run. In fact it took me a while to even grasp that the show was still running on network TV!

And for a while I mainlined those episodes like a crack addict. I ordered my days around the airings. I had every episode title memorized. I can talk to you ad nauseum about the 25 or so pieces of art they rotated through all the early episodes. I found a happy little home on a sensible message board that wasn't all about squeeing over how HOT Vincent D'Onofrio is. We had actual sensible discussions, and the mods formed some connections with the show's staffers. The writers would do interviews with us once in a while. It was all good.

When season six rolled around, the show runner/head writer/co-developer Rene Balcer left the show, turning the reins over to longtime staff writer/playwright Warren Leight.

With Warren (in concert with Vincent) we got a lot more storylines over the next two years of a personal nature. The characters were frankly put through hell/kidnapped/imprisoned/etc. Hell, he brought in Marsha Norman to write/story edit a couple of bang up episodes! The trouble with putting your characters through every conceivable trauma is... there's no where left to take them. So...

Season nine begins in one week. Stay tuned to watch what's left of the fandom completely melt down.

It was announced some months ago, that the original cast -- Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe were leaving the show as was Eric Bogosian who came on board at the start of season six after the departure of Jamey Sheridan's Captain Deakins. Vincent has said he wanted to leave the show. I am not so sure Kathryn did but she's been a trooper, and Eric has said he's glad to have more time to pursue other projects. All we know for sure about the characters' futures is that the premiere two-parter "Loyalty" features "a death, a resignation, and a promotion."

But in the meantime, Twitter is full of postings like:

@USA_LawOrderCI NO GOREN and EAMES NO CRIMINAL INTENT! u destroyed the show! how dare u? Nichols SUCKS!!!

I am sad because the show I loved is changing, but it's been coming on for a couple years now.

The most vocal of the cranky fandom has sent marshmallow fluff to the set and to USA in protest of the changes made to the show. It's an interesting thing to observe for anyone looking at fandom's perceived entitlement.


here is the new face of Criminal Intent:

Goren and Eames... I will miss you. I will miss one of the most complex and subtle TV partnerships I've ever seen. That was my chief delight with the series. Two professional partners of different sexes w/o an ounce of sexual banter. Well maybe just a whiff of it now and then when they went undercover. [Oh, that deleted scene from "Shandeh" ... so much fun!] Although more often then not, when undercover they turned into bickering spouses! Eames, she was the strong stoic one. The one who was a better shot. Capable, even from the first episode of taking down a perp with a swift knee to the groin. And her male partner loved her for it. He loved to stand back and watch her take down perps twice her size. Goren was the quirky  thinker, the sensitive, the brooder, the child struggling to care for an ailing hospitalized parent.

In eight seasons, we never saw them share a meal together. He only ever called her by her first name ONCE. She has been calling him Bobby almost from the beginning.

They often didn't agree, but they worked through their differences and came to each others aid when needed. The were PARTNERS. I'm not even sure that they were even that close off the job. I'd like to think they went for drinks sometimes. There's a couple of canon mentions of that. But nothing terribly concrete. This is handy for fanfic, but somewhat frustrating when trying to stay true to canon.

So as the show prepares to bid farewell (one way or another) to Detective Alex Eames and Detective Robert Goren ... so do I. Vincent has said in interviews that his character gets a good end, and I hope so. I am very attached to these two fictional people, and I want canon to treat them as well as possible. I want to think of them off pursuing other things, off tackling other challenges. I'd prefer it if they were doing that together (in a non-shippy sense) but I think the last two seasons have been bringing us to this divergence point.

And this fan will miss them.
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The first fandom I ever had any experience with online was Law and Order: Criminal Intent. For quite a while there it was a deep and abiding love...

But it looks like times they are 'achanging over on the Chelsea Piers.

Julianne Nicholson is opting not to return after her second maternity leave, so they will need to find a new partner for Jeff Goldblum's character. (You know, when Jeff's not moonlighting over on The Colbert Report...)

And now we get this reiteration of a previous cryptic statement from the critic CIers love to hate (it's OK, he hates CI right back).

Question: I’m concerned about your cryptic remark in the Law & Order: CI shakeup story that Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe may return “in some capacity.” What does that mean exactly?

Ausiello: It means if they do come back it won’t be for very long.

This is not much of a surprise if you've been reading between the lines of "contract talks."

From an acting standpoint, it was pretty clear last season that the actors were at a point where there was nothing new for them to explore.

So we'll just have to await official word... but I suspect Bobby and Alex won't be hanging around the 11th floor of One Police Plaza for long.
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I was so prepared to hate this week's Criminal Intent after last week's writer!fail WTF-ery. But it turned out to be much better than I thought it would be. Another one of those episodes where they show us the killer in the opening teaser (still unsure how well that works to build dramatic tension for the viewer, but...). Then when he goes all high tech and is luminol-ing the fuck out of the crime scene, I was all like "been there done that. a couple times." But when Detective Nichols goes in to run the case by his old buddy the world famous forensic guy ... WFFG is none other than the murderer. Nichols then has the next 37 minutes to prove it while his partner goes into labor, his boss thinks he's nuts, and Eames is pinch hitting for Wheeler and cracking wise with the snark.

The script could have used some tightening up. The opener had too many artistic shots of the murderer contemplating the ceiling, and other than giving us a good look at the awesome chandelier... didn't do much to advance the story.

Also, I sort of hate when they pull World Famous fellow staff persons out of thin air ... if this guy is so great, shouldn't his name have come up some time in the past eight years the show has been running. I get that it didn't because we didn't know about him until just now... but it still is the kind of thing that makes me roll my eyes.

And I thought Ross (and Rodgers) bought into Nichol's scheme a bit too quickly after that giant rant about how Nichols was solely responsible for giving all of Major Case a bad name... but limited time is limited I guess.

And the only really important thing, after locking up the bad guy... is that Wheeler had her baby (and still had time to crack on Nichols between contractions). It's a girl. Hello there Margo Jane Wheeler.

So onwards to next week and another Goren and Eames episode (their season finale? I think maybe. Then there should be one more Nichols/Eames eppy if I'm figuring right.)
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The mystery episode is still a mystery. They (the Law and Order: Criminal Intent writers) picked up a plot from a previous episode in a previous season, but they changed the names of all the characters, and cast a different guy. I can only assume there were legal/intellectual property issues by reusing an old script from a previous set of writers??

But why the recycling? You couldn't just change a few of the details so it didn't sound just like the other case, and let us assume it was referencing a case that Goren and Eames had that we didn't see??

This new crop of writers has done other stuff this season that seemingly can only be explained away by saying "oh, no one will notice." Well your casual viewer might not... but your fan base sure as heck will.

Anyway. I was confused for the better part of an hour. I kept thinking the episode was going to go interesting places, and then it just didn't. 

This synopsis below, from USA, makes it sound way more interesting than it was.

It all ended up like that lump of beeswax Goren used to play the guy...

ALL IN (#CI8021)
When poker genius Josh Snow loses $80,000 in a card game, backer and bookie Lou Cardinale forces him into collections to work off the losses. Lou gives him a .38 and a box of blanks to extract gambling debts, and sends along his mistress, Angela, to keep an eye on the money. When Josh collects from Kip McGonagle, he fires the gun expecting a blank, but a real bullet kills Kip dead in the street. Detectives Goren and Eames enter an elaborate game where they must join in the play, or be played.
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Well... my TV set is still in one piece... and up until about the last ten minutes it was great... and then it turned weird... but it was still great. Stunning in a fingers in a light-socket sort of way...

apologies for the length. This epic ended up epically LONG. really REALLY long!!

so they led into this episode with a marathon which I avoided ... but the episode right before this one was the one where the last shot is of the rat in Goren's desk...

and then... Frame... with blood pressure skyrocketing, and hands quivering from adrenaline, tucked up on the end of my sofa, and clutching my remote in my hand I watch...

We begin... with a conclusion. Goren and Eames are in the interrogation room. first shot is of them and two perps, framed by the dark space around the two way mirror. shot from inside the viewing room, we look in and see Goren and Eames wrapping up a case. {first words ... Eames and her inevitable "no, see.."} They lay out the facts, and the female (blonde and wearing a white shirt a la Nicole I might add) launches herself across the table trying to strangle the man. goren grabs her. cuffs her. and he and eames wander out into the hallway where they are met by Ross who says, good job, and once you do the paperwork, take tomorrow off. {note to ross. never give your dets the day off. it only leads to trouble...}

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I have for many years now been freakishly obsessed with L&O:Criminal Intent. I loved the acting, I loved the characters, I loved the complexities of both the stories and the character work. I loved it. It's what got me to start reading fanfic. It's what got me started writing fanfic. I would see the title card at the begnining of the episode and it would make me smile. Thankfuly it's on ALL the time, so I got my constant fix ... multiple daily fixes most days...

and then.

and then they started letting the inmates run the asylum. 

as I am venting, I know I am overstating things for effect. But I want to. so there. *sticks out tongue*

anyway... they gave the fans what they wanted... and now I want to ask  "can we give it back?'

more personal character development. check.
more angst. check.
more despair/strife/death. check.

check please.

I blame the actors. They are too good at their jobs. Katy... Vince... you made me love your characters... and so after a couple of seasons of the story lines beating up on the characters I am coming close to being fed up. 

The final episode of season seven airs this sunday night. I will be there, on my couch clutching my remote and trying not to hyperventilate.

I read articles like that describe the episode as Kuh-raaazy.... and I hope hope hope that I will not feel compelled to put my foot through the tv screen. 

"They" keep promising us resolution. But I am scared. You can't throw a disgraced cop, his junkie brother, his emotionally wounded partner, his volatile Captain, his flawed mentor with a serial killer daughter, his psycopathic arch-nemesis, the grave of his mother, and a mysterious package together and not expect it to be a complete fuck all.

"compelling" was used to describe it. please let that be compelling in a good way... not in a 'please drink the red koolaid' kind of way...

pretty please. 

I'll be back on monday to describe my nightmares. take one epsiode with two aspirin and a double martini, extra dry, extra olives... and repeat as often as needed.

maybe I should just plan on calling in sick on monday...

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In which we bid a fond farewell to Mike Logan...

Last Rites {Rights. What is Right?}

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I do these right after they air the first time (unless I have to catch it on tape), and its always sort of interesting to read them the morning after as I'm always finding myself wondering, "what DID I write anyway???"

This is Logan's penultimate episode. Just one more... my intuition tells me that Mikey probably won't survive next week's episode... but its a case of wait and see at this point. I just don't know where they could take the character now, but part of me hopes he gets fed up, quits, and starts his own detective agency. "Mike Logan, Private Eye" ... nice. But that's a long shot...

So this week we have a dead sex offender... and the possibility of a serial killer...

I'm struggling to describe this one... the first half is all about the images, the second half gets a bit procedural and the wrap up is pure sweet pain.

Neighborhood Watch the jigsaw puzzle... more than the sum of its parts...

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So I've been doing these stream of consciousness recaps of the L&O:Criminal Intent episodes for an online friend across the ocean (and a CI board I'm on) and I don't have the energy to dig up the past ones I've done, but I thought I might post the ones for the last four episodes of season seven here.

I called this one Legacy -- or Why Prom is Always a Bad Idea...

OK, boys and girls... today at Manor Hill we have suicide, blackmail, murder, and Titian. :0)


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