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A online correspondence with a foreign  friend led me to start doing these episode recaps for Law and Order: Criminal Intent last season. They don't get the new episodes until much later than we do, so I did up a descriptive, (SPOILERY) running commentary for her.

I finally got a chance to post the one I did for the Season 8 premiere that aired last Sunday and posted it over on my brand new LJ LOCI home:

It's lengthy. I called it a summary. She calls it a "longery."

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Well... my TV set is still in one piece... and up until about the last ten minutes it was great... and then it turned weird... but it was still great. Stunning in a fingers in a light-socket sort of way...

apologies for the length. This epic ended up epically LONG. really REALLY long!!

so they led into this episode with a marathon which I avoided ... but the episode right before this one was the one where the last shot is of the rat in Goren's desk...

and then... Frame... with blood pressure skyrocketing, and hands quivering from adrenaline, tucked up on the end of my sofa, and clutching my remote in my hand I watch...

We begin... with a conclusion. Goren and Eames are in the interrogation room. first shot is of them and two perps, framed by the dark space around the two way mirror. shot from inside the viewing room, we look in and see Goren and Eames wrapping up a case. {first words ... Eames and her inevitable "no, see.."} They lay out the facts, and the female (blonde and wearing a white shirt a la Nicole I might add) launches herself across the table trying to strangle the man. goren grabs her. cuffs her. and he and eames wander out into the hallway where they are met by Ross who says, good job, and once you do the paperwork, take tomorrow off. {note to ross. never give your dets the day off. it only leads to trouble...}

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In which we bid a fond farewell to Mike Logan...

Last Rites {Rights. What is Right?}

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I do these right after they air the first time (unless I have to catch it on tape), and its always sort of interesting to read them the morning after as I'm always finding myself wondering, "what DID I write anyway???"

This is Logan's penultimate episode. Just one more... my intuition tells me that Mikey probably won't survive next week's episode... but its a case of wait and see at this point. I just don't know where they could take the character now, but part of me hopes he gets fed up, quits, and starts his own detective agency. "Mike Logan, Private Eye" ... nice. But that's a long shot...

So this week we have a dead sex offender... and the possibility of a serial killer...

I'm struggling to describe this one... the first half is all about the images, the second half gets a bit procedural and the wrap up is pure sweet pain.

Neighborhood Watch the jigsaw puzzle... more than the sum of its parts...

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So I've been doing these stream of consciousness recaps of the L&O:Criminal Intent episodes for an online friend across the ocean (and a CI board I'm on) and I don't have the energy to dig up the past ones I've done, but I thought I might post the ones for the last four episodes of season seven here.

I called this one Legacy -- or Why Prom is Always a Bad Idea...

OK, boys and girls... today at Manor Hill we have suicide, blackmail, murder, and Titian. :0)


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