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So. Last night went much better than the night before when the audience was like coma patients. Audience still not HUGE laughers, but appreciative none the less (and they loved us sisters!). And then there was drinking. The theater is sort of nestled in between a small historic town and the big university town, and we hit the small town's drinking establishment after the show. Man, this show is just turning out to be quite the little hot bed of intrigue. We've now got two confirmed couples hooking up, and another girl working on the BFF ... whose ego is just loving all the attention. I stopped outside with the smokers when we got there -- and had my yearly cigarette ... I like a ciggie once in a while, it's true -- and I got ALL the gossip (and got poked to give up the BFFs thoughts, most of which I wouldn't even presume to know, and some of which I know but will not say). And then crammed into a long table right next to the bar we had a few drinks, some food, a few laughs and it was MUCH more pleasant that the last time I went for drinks with the gang.

I'm still exhausted... but we have just two shows left, and I can SLEEP IN tomorrow morning.

More drinking tonight I hear (what, you think we do this for the stage time? LOL) and then a cast party at the leading lady's house!! Must rustle up some food for the partay ... right now I'm thinking of that family specialty which combines mayonnaise, sour cream, pulverized to bits dried beef, onion, and dill. You pour it into a hollowed out loaf of bread, and eat it with chunks of spare bread. YUMMY and oh so addictive.

Today's my last day at work until next Wednesday, so I really should buckle down and get some of this stuff off my desk!
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So. We have reached the point in a two week run where we're sick of the show, we hate the audiences, it's too damn hot, and we're all getting on one another's nerves. Welcome to community theater! I think if we can get through tonight, it'll be much easier sailing. Friday night will be the next to the last performance, and Saturday night is closing night and that always brings its own energy with it. Not to mention the Director will be back (Or so we've heard) to see what we've done to her show in the past two weeks! She has not been around since we opened. The group actually discourages Directors from having any input after opening as we've had some bad experiences with Directors coming backstage after every performance and tweaking things endlessly and making the actors miserable. So by tradition, once the show opens it belongs to the stage manager, who is supposed to make sure it looks like/remains as it was on the first night.

I know I'm exhausted. Ended up more grumpy than glad at last night's midnight pancake date with the BFF. I put that down to him spending much of our time glued to his phone texting someone -- I have no idea who. It's not uncommon for him to not give me his whole attention. He's a bit ADD and often needs to being doing something while he talks. That I'm used to, but it just rubbed me the wrong way last night.

C'est la vie. I got my pancakes, so that part was good. The omelet wasn't all that great. Note to Perkins. Cream cheese is not a very good topping for eggs. I gave it a try. The bacon and mushrooms were too entrancing not to have a go, but it wasn't very good. But still there were pancakes. Have I mentioned this? Where is my dream date with talented fingers and a fondness for pastry? LOL!!

Three more performances and then I am taking a long weekend. Not entirely sure what I want to do during my two vacation days next week, but I know I need a change of pace and a chance to recharge my batteries! First thought right now is to drive over the mountain and revisit my hometown and snap pictures of my past. Have a wander and a reminisce and get out of town for a bit. Sound like a plan?
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As we're nearing the end of our first week of performances, I'm feeling pretty good about the show so far. But, a few updates:

1. Mother and Dad did come to the show. She said "It was a night out and we don't get very many of those any more." OK this is more by choice than anything else, but setting that aside, they did shell out for an extra ten bucks worth of raffle tickets, so I give them that on the plus side. Mother called the woman who sold them the tickets "a personality" which is code for PUSHY. Also, I had to hear that our stocking seams needed to be straighter, my voice was too shrill, and her ultimate, overall conclusion ... "well, we stayed awake at least." OOF. Whatever. I'm used to her level of dismissal by now. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt on some level, but I combat it with humor (or try to).

2. The dead bat is still lying backstage. I am getting kinda used to it by now. The BFF tells me there was a luna moth to visit the other night, but I am glad I missed that. LARGE flying insects creep me the fuck out.

3. The weather has been odd... very cool in the evenings, but wonderfully so. I do not want to complain as next week is then guaranteed to be stinking hot.

4. The cute little backstage romance I referenced earlier turns out to be a much more sordid thing. He is still nominally married, but going through a messy divorce. She has a live in boyfriend. And they are always making out backstage ... and the BFF tells me that they are frequently debating whether they have time to sneak off for a quickie before either of them are due on stage. On one level it's so stereotypical summer theater romance it's laughable. On the other hand its sort of sordid and terrible. At the heart of it I'm sure are two lonely people looking for some kind of connection ... but random hookups backstage during a family show. A bit icky, that.

5. It's FRIDAY ... which means DRINKS, and then a lie in. HUZZAH. It's bee a long week...

6. I insist I don't make this face in real life. My facebook friends are disagreeing with me.

p.s. Pretty in Pink, yes. In that dress... maybe not so much. It's the right idea, but its a bit too much from the 'let's put the frilly sack on the big girl' mode of design.
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YAY me. Did my daily blathering over on and have won back my turkey badge for writing three days in a row. I had gotten up to "flamingo" for a ten day streak, but lost a couple of days over the weekend, so I am starting from scratch again. Mostly just been brain-dumping daily diary entries as I attempt to make writing a daily habit. And I've cranked out some extra fic along with it, so something in the ether is working...

Had a pretty solid show last night. A couple technical bobbles. The sound designer/board op is off at a wedding for two days, so one of our two backstage kids has been conscripted to the booth. Which means we're one dresser down, and the pivotal explosion sequence got all screwed up last night. Director is gone, and there's no one to yell at the stage manager, so...

I haven't yet beaten the girl who plays the boy to the theater. When I got there last night she was finishing up her history homework, and then moved on to practicing her flute in the dressing room. School hasn't quite ended around here, depending on which school you attend, so there's lots of homework going on in the corners. One of the backstage kids was working on her geometry homework which excited the BFF no end.

Which is a sort of a segue to the sucky part of last night. BFF's ex-girlfriend came, with a bunch of other teachers I THINK. Not really sure as I give her, and by extension their colleagues a wide berth. Velcro girl is totally stuck on the BFF. They broke up, what... last summer ... but they teach in nearly adjacent rooms and vacation together, and party together and ...

Frankly jealous as hell on a couple levels, but mostly that she gets to see him every day, and I just get the spare moments of his life. And since he claims never to HAVE any spare moments...

More than a bit of tension there, yes? So when she came backstage to wait while he changed out of his costume, I got the hell out of there. Even if I didn't hate her for screwing with his head for a couple of years ... she's an emotional leech, and gives me the heebie jeebies on some instinctive level.


Tonight's trauma will be enacted when my parents come to see the show and then they will pick it and me apart afterwords. Whatever.

Such is the state of my day.
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I was sure we COULD do it, but I wasn't sure we WOULD do it. But we did.

I spent about 20 minutes after I got to the theater watching a youngish deer feed in the scrub woods between the Barn and the stream that runs on the other side of the parking lot. Good omens and all that...

We were running lines backstage up until the stage manager called places. Then after a short (can it really be called a curtain speech when there's no curtain) curtain speech by the house manager/board member/local radio personality we were off to the races.

There were a couple of bobbles in that opening scene that we've been struggling with ... most notably, I am supposed to do one of my lines without looking at the person behind me who I'm yelling at. (Sort of one of those "get your hands out of that cookie jar" lines moms are so good at when you're in the other room nicking cookies.) But out of my peripheral vision I can see that M hasn't got the antimacassar in her hands so how am I supposed to yell at her to put it down? So out of nowhere I come up with some alternative line like "Maude... are you thinking about fingering that antimacassar? Well. Don't." AND THE AUDIENCE LAUGHED. Hot damn. Go me. Actually, it was really lovely to finally GET laughs. It just makes all the difference. There is no better feeling.

Totally great night. My pals smothered me in flowers. We managed to get through the show with no MAJOR problems.

We almost had a disaster. Was out on the back balcony after my opening bit talking to the BFF. As we were talking he took his fedora off, and there was this huge black stripe across his forehead. Bonehead costumer had tried to magic marker the weather stripping she was using to make the hat fit better and the ink came off on his forehead. DUH. Not sure what she did to the hat to fix it, but with a judicious application of baby wipes we got the ink off his face and were so glad we noticed it before he took his hat off on stage!

Then after the show we had what we call a Green Room ... mostly just snacks out in front of the theater. We all brought stuff and the snack bar makes punch and we chat with the audience. And snack. First food I'd had in about 8 hours, so I munched away in between hugs and post-mortems from my pals. Several you them said "That play needed more YOU." D'awwwww....

Director Cee hugged me hard and said "love ya." Almost made me cry. I am not used to such things.

But that's the joy of theater. Easy loving from friends, and from strangers. And so, we put performance #1 in the bag... only nine more to go!!
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Yes. Theater has eaten my life. Its good at that. So as I sit here and fret about tonight's opening ... let me do a quick recap of the last couple of days.

Saturday's Q2Q (or in otherwords ... our Cue to Cue) was the most relaxed rehearsal for me, as my character is almost never onstage when there are any light or sound cues. So for the better part of three and a half hours I just sat and watched the mechanics of theater. We were supposed to run through from cue to cue, and then run the show. But it took until 10 pm to get through the script once (hello LD who has never worked in the space...). So after a mostly relaxing night the cast/crew went off to a nearby dining/drinking establishment and spent the next three hours whooping it up. Far ranging discussions including slash fiction, gender identity, and the perils of honeymoon cruises!

Was somewhat shocked/surprised to find out that the woman playing one of my sisters in the show is a rampant slash reader. Who loves her some Data prOn. Huh. Wow. Okay. Fellow broad-minded, sometime cross-dressing cast member HORRIFIED by the idea of taking characters who do not have a sexual relationship in the canon work and giving them sexy tiems. He seems freaked out by the concept. Just made me realize how far I've come since I started poking around some years ago looking for fan fic. LOLs.

We had drinks ... we had laughs ... and it was a very nice night all around.

And then came DRESS REHEARSAL. (cue ominous music)

more theatricalness... )
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Between rehearsals for the summer thing, and rehearsals for the radio show, I've been pretty swamped the last couple of days. The show is coming along. The pace is still rather glacial in a lot more of the show than it should be, but I am hoping that as everyone gets their lines cemented that it will pick up some. We were super silly last night, but on the whole that's a good thing. Ups the cohesiveness of the cast, and you've got to be able to get onstage and just commit to being silly in something like this. The least experienced of the three sisters is kind of wishy-washy on stage (it's sort of endearing in an a 'she wants to be good at this, but doesn't really know how to' kind of way) and I keep trying to convince her to just cut loose and go big. The poor thing was so thrown for a loop when one of the other actresses wanted to know if she was playing her character as a retarded person. OMG who says that?!


Good stuff is going on, and it's only going to get better when we start to add lights and sound and costumes.

Thankfully we have tonight off. [I of course, have another radio show, but this is the last one for now.] Then we start to tech with a Q2Q tomorrow night, followed by (hopefully) a full run afterwords. Have heard rumors of costumes appearing tomorrow as well. Did I tell you costumer had me try on a sparkly fuchsia pink jacket declaring "this is your color for the show." It's a great color for my character, despite rather hating that costuming convention where you assign each character a color. It can work well in broadly played stuff like farces and musical theater, but I still think it's rather a hokey thing.

Posters went out yesterday, the sign out by the road got changed over... by golly, we might just have a show on our hands.

On the gossipy end of things, the guy playing Virgil the Waiter brought us all pizza last night unexpectedly. He's also working on a little backstage romance with the lady playing Mrs. McThing. They sit in the back at the far end of the makeup mirrors and talk during the show (his is a small part, and hers even smaller) and then they'll stand out in the parking lot in the dark evenings by their cars and talk some more. The BFF tells me "Virgil" is going through a messy divorce, so who knows what will come of it...but more than one romance has blossomed in this little summer theater in a Barn.

Which is all the more amusing, given the gay-or-at-least-not-completely-straight quotient of the male members of this cast. :D

So I'm enjoying my day off ... and the enormous amounts of fake hair clipped to my head today. I switched over the the fake ponytail for the 60s show tonight, and have crammed my crinoline in my little yellow travel case ... so imagine me in green chiffon, crinolines, and a ponytail performing at the senior residence tonight. Several exciting science fiction tales are on the board ... The one where the long range mission to the planet Glade is put in jeopardy the first night after planetfall when the crew wakes up unexpectedly!naked would make a terrific Torchwood episode, if tweaked!!

So in the words of my alter-ego Deena ...

"Suppose you met a man in a tavern and he told you quite seriously that he wasn't a man at all..."
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I was going to give you a picture from rehearsal the other night, but the poster for the show just got posted to Facebook. I scribbled out the names etc on this one ... but have a look see... It's rather cute!

Kids and gangsters ... always good for marketing :D
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Can I just take a short break from the theater updates ... intermission if you will ... to say how proud I am of my BFF. After two plus years hard work, he was recently awarded National Board Certification. Which, if I understand it correctly means his teaching certificate is now good in all 50 states. Right now he is climbing into his brand new dark blue suit so he can drive to the state capitol and be congratulated by the Governor himself!!

The up side of being a workaholic overachiever anal-retentive type A bastard is a certain measure of success above and beyond, say, me, who desires simply to vegetate on my sofa in my free time!


Love ya baby!

And now let me return you to the entr'acte... which in this case is the performance before the rehearsal last night. It went really well. Much smaller house than the previous performance, and I think my dress shrunk a tad when I washed it ... but it was a very appreciative audience. My friend Laura had me crying during her song, and then the audience was crying and singing along to the old ballads ... which had me crying more. And they came up afterwords to shake our hands, or hug us and tell us how much they appreciated it all. The older gentleman who was telling us that he always loved music, and he was a trumpeter in the Army band, but when they sold his house recently, they sold his instruments ... set off the waterworks again! It was a very cry-ey performance for me all around!

And then in my heels and hair and whatnot, I leapt into my car and dashed off to rehearsal. Which went well on the whole, but I really REALLY need to get Act I memorized. I have that slotted in for the post-work/pre-rehearsal gap tonight. Some really nice things happening. The girl playing the boy is doing some really great things. She's maybe 14 or 15, although looks younger, and I expect great things. She sings, acts, plays multiple instruments ... a real triple threat that girl! So proud. Director got a little testy with the lead actress at one point during notes ... but I think they worked it out OK. Director did feel bad as she came over to the BFF and I in the parking lot while I was scoping out his sweet new suit and asked if we thought she was too hard on M. We assured her it will be fine, it's just stressful right now while M. struggles to get all those lines down.

Costumer was there, and loved the fake bun I had on for the other gig, so I'm scrapping my plan for curls and going with fake bun hair. I would have preferred the curls, character-wise, as I am always talking about permanent waves, but the bun will be SO much easier and less time consuming. Also thanks to the costumer's insistence upon seamed stockings I have to go off now and special order them. There's no doubt they're period correct (although answering "what period are we setting this in?" when asked re: hair, shoes, etc with "Oh, thirties ... forties... " is NOT HELPFUL. There is a WORLD of difference there). It's a FARCE and UNREAL and so I wouldn't have bothered with it -- in fact I DIDN'T when I costumed Lend Me a Tenor for them a few years ago. But she is in charge, and so I go to do her bidding.

And drink more coffee... gawd I'm tired this morning!

eta: this is how stuff happens sometimes...

director: "Are you our lighting designer?"

stage manager: "OMG you're the lighting designer??"

cast member: "We have a lighting designer???"

random tech dropping by: ""

stage manager: "Do you want to be the lighting designer??"

random tech: "Uhhh...."
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From the summer theater's Facebook page... this is why this show is so hard to explain to people:

The moral behind Mrs. McThing, a comic fantasy, is that small boys shouldn’t always scrub their ears, and that perfection is a terrible thing. Howay Larue, a normally mischievous youngster, is spirited away from his mansion by the vengeful Witch McThing because she feels Howay’s mother has snubbed the witch's urchinlike daughter, Mim...i. Gleefully, Howay (the Bad) finds himself in a pool-hall lunchroom, where he joins a gang of comic mobsters. Meanwhile, a substitute Howay (the Good) is created by the witch out of an old stick (Stick Boy) and palmed off on Mrs. Larue. Unaware of the replacement, Mrs. Larue is glad at first to see how Howay has reformed. But soon she grows uneasy over Howay the Good, and is deeply mystified when Howay the Bad phones her from the lunchroom. Before the witch gets through, Mrs. Larue herself is changed into a scrubwoman, helps rob her own home, adopts Mimi as a playmate for Howay, and returns to her unbewitched state with a firm conviction that it is best to let kids be kids!

Rehearsal last night went pretty well. Actually, both rehearsals I went to last night went pretty well. Stopped by the studio at 6 for a refresher rehearsal for the radio show we're doing tonight. Didn't do much more than figure out costume(s) for the Friday 60s themed radio show {I finally get to wear that green chiffon dress of mine!!! YAY!!} and then run through the group numbers. I went into the summer theater rehearsal an hour later at 7:00 all peppy, but about 9 pm I crashed. And we still had another hour and a half to go. Sleepwalked the Act II stuff a bit. MUST find some time to get off book, like NOW, but not sure how I'm going to make that happen.

We got a few more of the set pieces, so the blocking keeps changing a bit every night.

Then some ribald whispering with the gangsters in the corner while we wait out the last couple pages of the script.

Followed by a rendezvous with the BFF at the Sheetz for food on our way home where he got hassled (affectionately) by some former students in the parking lot. He can't go anywhere w/o running into his students. Makes for a much more public life than I think he wants, but it does rather come with the territory.

But now I am going to head off to a meeting I forgot I had. OOPS.
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So, we moved into the performance space today. Goodbye air-conditioning. Goodbye Internet. Hello dirt, dust, bugs, heat, and vermin. We had the basic furniture in place, but the set pieces – the half walls, the doorways, and the stairs aren’t ready to go yet. But we could get some sense of things.


Of course, it took an hour and a half to get the headshots taken and some somewhat hastily costumed publicity stills taken – the kids are adorable. The gangsters look, well… let’s just say it’s way more 70s polyester than I’d ever put on a gangster. Then 'til the director got the set tweaked, and introduced her adorable dog Tally to everyone, it was a late start.


The pacing is glacial right now, which is so not what you want in a Farce. Combination of adjusting to the new space, and people starting to put their books down and beginning to work off book. All totally necessary to the process… but it’s a bit ugly to have to struggle through. It's running around 2.5 hours right now. I'd say we could cut half an hour off that and we'd be good... but we'll have to see what we end up running at.


Certainly not my best day, but the woman playing my sister Maude wasn’t there, so all of my timing goes out the window anyway. Director was telling me some night I wasn’t there (must have been Friday night) that the woman playing Carrie (the nursemaid) who’s done Opera for years, turned to the director in the presence of “Maude” and said “what’s up with Maude, is she retarded?” Um what? Something about the actresses delivery or facial expressions or whatnot. It is pretty clear that “Maude” is not naturally made for comedy. She has not much sense of timing.  But in the words of my Friday night monologue “you make do with what you’re given.”


It’ll all be fine, but this next week is going to be long and hard and discouraging, as it always gets worse, before it gets better. The gangsters continue to be a hoot… if we can just get the lead woman to speed up her delivery a bit, and make it not quite so sing-songy I think we’ll have a really crowd pleasing show. We won’t have GREAT attendance numbers because a) it’s a play and they don’t sell as well as musicals, and b) no one ever heard of it before, which is a real publicity killer!

But onward we go! Seven more rehearsals ‘til we open!
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As you can see... this silly show is rife with lines that modern sensibilities could take the wrong way.

Rehearsal went fine last night ... till we got to the scheduling clusterfuck. All very complicated and boring, but when you audition they give you supposedly set in stone rehearsal dates and you're supposed to commit to those dates, or don't bother auditioning, more or less.

So we veterans do that to the best of our abilities, and we schedule our real lives around those commitments (giving up your whole life for 5-6 weeks is what it comes down to).

So... it irks me when people [directors, producers] start canceling scheduled rehearsals, and then adding new ones back on those precious few night's we're supposed to be free (complicated by the upcoming holiday weekend.) (But thank you employer-Jesus for giving us Monday off...I'm living for that lie-in).

More irksome than that, tho is when you TALK about doing that, but no one ever makes an actual decision on these things, so you can't even make a new plan.

From my somewhat stroppy point of view ... you can go ahead and change things, but don't give me a big guilt trip if I can't accommodate your new schedule. I'm trying to juggle FOUR productions of one sort of another right now. And I structured my life to meet YOUR schedule in the first place ...

...Oh the joys of VOLUNTARY theater. It's all guilt trips to try and "force" people to show up, when you can't really make them do anything. It's so much easier when you have a contract with someone for X days during Y-Z hours.

Hard some days to remember this is what we do for fun, when you're being sidelined by sloppy management issues.
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Mrs. McThing... day ... four.

New catch phrase ... "Do the Velociraptor Dance."

Sillyness is abounding. Also some underlying tension as we never have everyone we're supposed to have... most notably the lead actress ... so people have to keep filling in for each other as the director needs to be able to see bodies on the stage. Sight lines in the round are tricky things.

The plus side of a situation like that is that people get familiar with other people's blocking etc. which tends to promote trust and camaraderie. Also, tromping around being other characters is more interesting than sitting in a corner harvesting your crops on Farmville.

The negative side is doing the same scene over and over NOT with the person you're supposed to be acting with ... and then when they do arrive (about the time you're sick of doing the same thing over and over again), you have to do it all over again with them.

Were I not so wrapped up in the stupid Acting Class Showcase I might be able to concentrate on my lines. We've got a little over a week till we have to be off book.

This acting thing would be a piece of cake if it weren't for the memorizing. LOL.

There are a couple places where I'm a bit confused about why I am moving when I do. The desire to ask "what's my motivation" is there, but the answer really and truly is, "cause the director said so/someone else needs to stand where you are now." So it's up to me to inform the choice.

Me and the BFF went into hysterics at one point when the Director changed our blocking to move us into the corner because we were "stealing focus." We wouldn't want to do, actually, but put us two hams together, and we're going to come up with something bizarre! All I'm doing in giving the mobster directors to my house so he can come over and rob me. I guess we were doing that rather animatedly!

Oddly enough even though we've being doing theater together for the past 10 years, this is only about the second time we've have any actual interaction on stage. The only other time (I think) was when I pulled him into my lap when he was playing Reverend Tooker in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. He tends to get leads ... I tend to be the crazy neighbor/aunt/sister/queen. There aren't a lot of scenes that have both of those. So we're enjoying our time on stage!
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*Wherein I go into suppressed hysterics every night at rehearsal.

So, at 10:29 and roughly 30 seconds we finished blocking the whole show. The rough outlines anyway. The thing about rehearsing off site is you can't be too picky about where you're going to end up standing.

We actually have a bit of luck in that department. Traditionally, (unless you were the first show of the summer season) you moved into the Barn during a hellacious Saturday night strike/load in. Actors would come in Sunday for tech, Full Dress Monday night and you had a soft opening/preview for friends and family on Tuesday night before your actual opening on Wednesday.

This summer they've spread things out a bit, so we get a full week in the Barn before we Tech. Unheard of luxury when you used to have to do all the tech and the inevitable re-blocking when you finally see what the set ACTUALLY looks like in two days.

So all I really want to know right now is where I come in and go out, who I come in and go out before/after, and roughly where I have to stand.

The final scene is a mess right now, but mostly the newbies just need to learn to trust the process. Granted we give them an added level of confusion because it's theater in the round, and all the stage directions are written for a proscenium stage. Entrances and exits have to be adapted to the four entrances we have (at the four corners of the acting space).

So, right now it's kinda ugly... but it's done! Now we start to work scenes.

I feel really bad for a couple of people who have really unfortunate small parts where either they have two lines at the top of the act and we never see them again, or they sit around the whole night for twelve lines at the end of the show. The woman playing the good/bad witch sat in a corner for three hours and fifteen minutes till we got to her bit at the end of Act II.

If people had any idea how much sitting around theater involved...

And then to top the evening off, I strong-armed the BFF to help me run lines for Friday's Showcase, which we did, and then we ended up sitting on that bench in front of the Church for like an hour talking our heads off. Result, I got home at midnight or so.

Much of it theater gossip/frustration ... what with all the sudden schedule changes and the fact that three of our cast members are also in Streetcar, which is adding rehearsals, and giving the BFF fidgets (he's Mitch in that show). Hence the small bitchfest.

Oh, we also recorded a radio commercial for the show before we started rehearsal... and played with the President/Producer's new ADORABLE puppy.

Sound like a full evening?

p.s. -- I can already tell there's going to be a meltdown some night as the precocious young daughter of the lead -- who is the younger kid in the show -- is already telling the grownups what to do. Very not on, and it's going to get messy at some point.
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Had a sudden rehearsal-free weekend, and sort of fell off the earth. Aided by a Saturday spent in headache hell.

There was rehearsal Saturday, I just wasn't required to be there.

We were supposed to have Sunday rehearsal, but it ended up getting canceled. I do not really know the trufax, man... but from what I overheard this may come down to the fact that the 12 Angry Men set is NAILED TO THE FLOOR.

We're the first show to have to rehearse off-site ... and we can't rehearse at the church on Sundays ... and so "someone" blithely said "oh, we can rehearse at the theater on the weekend afternoons."

I'm guessing that "someone" didn't check with the scenic persons to make sure that they wouldn't do something boneheaded like NAIL THE SET DOWN. :D

Communication man. We hazzent got it.

But whatever. I'm far more freaked out by the fact that I have until Friday to memorize two monologues for that 'Evening of ME' that Director Cee is having. Officially it's the Spring Studio Showcase at the local coffee shop. Four monologues and a scene with me and my scene partner-in-crime.

I did the monologues for the first time Friday night and Cee gave me some tips ... but it wasn't like we actually worked on them or anything.

The BFF better be prepared to spend a few minutes every night this week listening to me while we're at the summer thing rehearsal, 'cause otherwise I'm doomed. DOOMED I SAY.

Who me freaking out? NAH. PSHAW.

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My definition of “on time” is fifteen minutes early. I should be used to this not being everyone’s definition, but it still surprises me that I’m always the first one someplace. When I arrived at rehearsal last night there were only the stage manager and the costumer there.

Was therefore the first up to be measured w/in an inch of my life! Did she REALLY need my inside leg? But whatever...

I’ll be interested to see what she comes up with for me. I KNOW there is next to nothing out at the Barn in the extensive costume racks that will fit me. I’ve costumed shows out of that stash … and have been costumed by others, and see… the thing is … there just isn’t vintage stuff in like a 3X.

But, back to the clusterfuck. Well, okay it wasn’t that exactly. But it’s pretty clear to me now that our very young, very inexperienced stage manager doesn’t really GET how to work with a director.


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For my own record ... and because people have said they're interested ... I suppose I should talk a little bit about last night's read-through.

We're rehearsing some of the time at the church where the community theater group has their offices. So we arrive in dribs and drabs and the very young stage manager (more on this in a bit) sends us down dim hallways saying "just go down to the end." About as helpful as shoving a person in a maze and saying "just go to the center" but I followed my nose and found our very yellow rehearsal room.

There's always a bit of a weird dynamic going on at that very first meeting of any cast, and there are 17 of us in this show. So we trickle into our little room at the end of nowhere and sort of mill around the circle of empty chairs. Some of us know each other, but no one knows everyone. Some people will introduce themselves, or ask "so who are you playing?" but the shy ones just slip into chairs, or stand awkwardly outside the circle waiting.

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