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Title: The Noiseless Tune to Which We Tread
Author: [personal profile] valancy_joy 
Rating(s): Adult
Pairings: Ianto/Suzie, Ianto/Jack, Ianto/OC, Ianto/Lisa.
Word Count: ~3,000
Warning(s): Set in the hours after They Keep Killing Suzie, although the memories are from everywhen. Thematically inspired by CoE, but no direct references to it.
a/n: Post CoE, I think we have a much wider pool to play in when it comes to Ianto. In some sense, now, anything goes. So in noodling around with the notion that Ianto is a lying liar who lies... I started to wonder about some of those moments of his life when he felt he needed to hide from the truth.
beta'd by: The marvelous [ profile] neifile7  and today's birthday girl [personal profile] amand_r . Rockstars both. You were my very first beta readers! Credit must also be given to some very helpful advice over at TWU!
Summary: For Ianto Jones, reality is what you make of it.
Disclaimer: The sand and the sandbox belong to RTD and the BBC. The sandcastles are mine.

THESE are my scales to weigh reality,— 

A dream, a chord, a longing, love of Thee. 

Real as the violets of April days, 

Or those soft-hid in unfrequented ways; 

Real as the noiseless tune to which we tread         5

The measure we by life’s old song are led; 

Real as man’s wonder what his soul may be,— 

A guest for time or for eternity. 

Real as the ocean, seen, alas! no more, 

Whose tide still beats along my heart’s inshore.         10

These are my scales to weigh reality,— 

A chord, a dream, a longing, love of Thee!


"Reality" by Martha Gilbert Dickinson

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Been encouraging myself to write at least 100 words a day. It usually leads to more than 100, which is all to the well, but I'm enjoying the challenge.

So much so that I hopped over to [ profile] tw100 and put up a drabble for this week's challenge: Moving On. Check it out if you've already seen CoE -- Day Four. Otherwise, wait a bit...

(goes off to hunker down for the duration as Day Four hits American air waves tonight.)
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Title: Tea with Jam
Pairing(s)/ Characters: Suzie, Ianto
Warning(s): sarcasm hurts like a bitch.
Word Count:  just above 200
Disclaimer: The sand and the sandbox belong to the BBC. The sandcastles are mine.

Summary:  Suzie trains Ianto up right.

a/n: Just a little doodle that I wrote that amused me... so I thought I'd stick it out there for general hilarity. This pairing is making my brain hurt in good ways...

“Stop limiting yourself,” I told him one afternoon not long after he started. “Right now you’re just calling yourself a researcher. The information is out there to be found, and you have the skills to find it. Now get going.”


“Come on. Surely, outside of spy films, no one REALLY knows things like first pet’s names.”


“London, I could tell you the name of your first pet, your polytech locker combination, the brand name of your first bicycle … and … your school nickname. You don't want me to prove that assertion."

“There’s no way…”


He always needed to do things the hard way.


“Frank. What kind of name is that for a goldfish? 36-5-12, Raleigh, and …”


“Don’t say it!”


“Then get to work and find me some information I can use … Jammie.”


When we got back from retrieving an errant Traxian Transponder, the information I needed, and more, was sitting on my worktop underneath a small plate of Jammie Dodgers. Tucked under one of them was a note that read:
Make sure you eat the evidence.
p.s. My goldfish was great pet. Until Frank sank."
Damn Jack's instincts. This one definitely has possibilities.
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Title: Cat's Paw
Pairing(s)/ Characters: Suzie, Ianto, with a tiny cameo from Jack
Warning(s): set the morning after the capture of Myfanwy.
Word Count:  850
Disclaimer: The sand and the sandbox belong to the BBC. The sandcastles are mine.
Summary:  Suzie contemplates the new boy's place in the universe.

a/n: This was sparked by [info]amand_r's   bit of Ianto/Suzie pron "Un-bell the Cat." I think there's more to say about this pairing, and had thought this might be longer. But it seemed to want to end with just this for now.

Cats Paw

The fog comes

on little cat feet. 

It sits looking

over harbor and city

on silent haunches

and then moves on.

--Carl Sandburg


this way to the story... )
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Title: The Spaces Between
Pairing(s)/ Characters: Jack/Ianto
Warning(s): The MPAA would say this was NC-17. But, really... it's Jack and Ianto, being intimate (in all kinds of ways). Draw your own conclusions.
Word Count:  2,006
Disclaimer: The sand and the sandbox belong to the BBC. The sandcastles are mine.
Summary:  What they say, when they don't say anything at all.

a/n: I started this piece out with a title in my head  -- "Five Conversations that Jack and Ianto Had That No Else One Heard." But apparently my muses had a slightly different story in mind. This is what emerged.


Read more... )
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Title: Wanted
Rating: PG-ish
Word Count: 853
Pairings: Mostly it's just Ianto but there is some Ianto/OFC
Spoilers: Set before Ianto's Torchwood One employment.
Summary: Ianto has been searching for meaning for a long time now...
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Title: In the Weeds
Author/Artist: [personal profile] valancy_joy 

Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Pairing/Characters: Gerald Carter, Dr. Charles Quinn, Douglas Caldwell [Torchwood 1919], Ianto, Jack, Gwen [Torchwood 2009], Assorted Daleks.
Warning/Spoilers/Notes: This is what happens the plot bunnies have a ménage à trois in my brain. Post Exit Wounds. ~3700 words.
Disclaimer: The BBC and RTD own the sand and the sandbox. The sandcastles are mine.
Summary: Ripped from the laboratory he was born in, he was sent along the time streams like a message in a bottle flung from the deck of a ship. 

written for the dalekinthepond challenge.


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Title: Intime, part 2
Pairing(s)/ Characters:
Ianto/Lisa; Jack and Ianto (the early days); the Torchwood teams with and without Suzie; assorted dinosaurs, aliens, and Weevils.
Word Count: 7,639
Warning(s): Some language, and a bit of sexin' in the storage room.
Possible Spoilers: Set over a time period that runs from before “Everything Changes” to “Countrycide” with a soupcon of “Fragments.”
Disclaimer: The sand and the sandbox belong to RTD the BBC. The sandcastles are mine.

(apologies for any wacky formatting... blame LJ for giving me fits!)

the rest of the story... )the rest of the story... )
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Title: Intime
Pairing(s)/ Characters:
Ianto/Lisa; Jack and Ianto (the early days); the Torchwood teams with and without Suzie; assorted dinosaurs, aliens, and Weevils.
Word Count: 7,639
Warning(s): Some language, and a bit of sexin' in the storage room.
Possible Spoilers: Set over a time period that runs from before “Everything Changes” to “Countrycide” with a soupcon of “Fragments.”
Disclaimer: The sand and the sandbox belong to RTD the BBC. The sandcastles are mine.

While it took on a life of its own, it was prompted by the word --
: [an-teem] [French, from Old French, from Latin intimus, innermost; see intimate.] 1.) Adjective [life, diary] private; [friend, relationship] intimate; [gathering] intimate; [conversation] private; [dinner] quiet; [room] cosy GB, cozy US; [knowledge] intimate. 2.) Noun, masculine & feminine close friend.

Summary: A growing web of betrayals and the intimate moments of trust woven amongst them.

(with apologies for any wacky formatting... LJ's fightin' me...)


fic found here... )
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Title: Smoke Rings
Fandom: Torchwood
Word Count
: 443
Character(s): Ianto

a/n: I was trying to find a way around a bit of writers block the other day, so I googled up some photos of Cardiff Bay, and since I’ve been thinking about and reading a lot of post Cyberwoman fics, somehow this turned into a piece set right before the final scene with the nod. Also, with some chat about whether Ianto might smoke, I found that him having a bad habit might be a good thing for him from time to time. So here’s a short but bittersweet little thing.

Smoke Rings

Ianto made his way across the pier in the early morning sunlight. He pulled his topcoat tighter around him and adjusted the strap of the messenger bag slung over his shoulder as the wind whipped off the bay. His mind was whirling with “what ifs” and he had gotten through the day so far mainly on habits formed long ago in another city altogether. Up before the alarm, bathe, shave, suit and tie, toast and tea. He felt no urge to impress, so the suit he’d selected was the first one his hand closed around in his wardrobe, an unremarkable gray. His tie was subtle tones of gray, and he had wrestled a white shirt from among the dry-cleaning he had finally had a chance to pick up. The newspaper on his doorstep had been dropped, unopened, into a trashcan on his way to his car.

The clock tower above him chimed the quarter hour, and Ianto stopped. He knew he had to turn the corner and walk across the Plass and down the steps to the tourist office. He also knew he had plenty of time. It was still early. There was now no longer any reason to slip quietly into the Hub with some excuse or another for his early arrival. He listened to the engrained admonishment he carried in his head, a legacy from his father. “Never keep ‘em waitin’ lad…” said the voice. He knew there were things to be done. But on this morning, he paused.

He crossed to the railing, and gazed out over the bay. There were a few fractious gulls fighting overhead and a pair of swans gliding across the water, stopping now and then to smooth feathers ruffled by the gusty morning breeze. At the touch of his hands on the slim, cold, round metal, he froze feeling panic clawing at him, threatening to overwhelm, and he dug in his coat pockets and pulled out a crumpled pack of cigarettes. Turning his back to the water, he hunched over so he could light his cigarette sheltered from the wind. After a few deep satisfying puffs he returned to watching the sunlight glint off the ripples of the water, resting his cloth covered elbows carefully on the railings.

He had nearly finished his first cigarette and was contemplating lighting another one when his phone rang. He dropped the cigarette, and crushed it with his shoe as he pulled out his phone. He didn’t need to look at the caller ID. He simply answered it with a crisp, “Yes Sir?” as he walked away from the sunlight and into the shadows.
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Series Title: A Gentleman's Gentleman
Chapter: 9/9
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Word Count: ~3,500

click here to go back to Chapter One

“Every Savage Can Dance – Two Steps Back, One Step Forward”

The valet and waiting-maid are placed near the persons of the master and mistress, receiving orders only from them, dressing them, accompanying them in all their journeys, the confidants and agents of their most unguarded moments, of their most secret habits, and of course subject to their commands, -- even to their caprices; they themselves being subject to erring judgment, aggravated by an imperfect education. All that can be expected from such servants is polite manners, modest demeanor, and a respectful reserve, which are indispensable. To these, good sense, good temper, some self-denial, and consideration for the feelings of others… will be useful qualifications.” -- Mrs. Isabella Beeton’s Book of Household Management, 1861. Duties of the Valet, chapter 2234.

The routine of his evening duty is to have the dressing room and study, where there is a separate one, arranged comfortably for his master, the fires lighted, candles prepared, dressing-gown and slippers in their place, and aired, and everything in order that is required for his master’s comforts.” –- Duties of the Valet, chapter 2242.

Jack leaned back in the tub, luxuriating in the hot, steamy bathwater. The lights were low, and Ianto was humming a soft waltz to himself as he picked up Jack’s clothes from the bathroom floor. The tune was one that had been played during many fancy dinners, in many times, and Jack found himself floundering in time a bit. As he lay in the bath, eyes closed, listening, he saw in his mind a house party long ago, and a beautiful girl with whom promises had been exchanged.


The story continues here... )
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Title: Chapter Eight – Green Eyed Monsters
Series: A Gentleman's Gentleman
Summary: Ianto may not be jealous... but he does get even...
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG
A/N: a/n: way back when, I had suggestions to include grumpy UNIT officers. Here you go. Mostly I just wanted to take a look at Jack and Ianto from another's perspective.
Words: 1716

find the start of the series here


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Title: A Gentleman’s Gentleman, Chapter 7/?
Rating: R for some disturbing imagery…
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Summary: There are no vacations in Ianto’s subconscious

jump back to chapter one

WARNING -- this dream imagery ended up creeping me out, and I wrote it. If you have a low squick tolerance, skip down past the italics…


Chapter 7 – Contradictions      


chapter eight
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Title: Belted
Rating: PG
Spoilers: A bit of DW, and a bit of Fragments...
**The bunnies wouldn't let me out of the hutch until I had written this. Un-beta-ed.

a/n: a little fic-a-doodle bunny that wouldn’t let me go once I rewatched “The Long Game” and realized there was something familiar about Jack’s final outfit on the gamestation…

Jack was well into his sixth brandy, feet up on his desk, head back, listening to some melancholy old Hoagy Carmichael song.
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Title: A Gentleman’s Gentleman
Chapter: 6 of ?
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: mostly it’s just fluff, fluff, and more fluff. Shall we consider calling today Twee Tuesday after all the sweetness in this…???
Summary: Ianto arranges for a private dinner for him and his Captain…

Chapter Six -- The Folly
a/n: Ok, I willingly admit to being besotted by a movie called "Firelight" which I haven't seen in a number of years... but it's basically Jane Eyre with sex, so what’s not to love? The estate in the movie has this mind numbingly wonderful folly in the middle of a lake. Tres picturesque. So I am borrowing the setting, and perhaps a bit of the conceit... but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? So when I was thinking of some place on the Lethbridge estate for this little assignation, the folly came to mind and I ran with it.

for those who like visuals, there's a picture of it here

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A Gentleman’s Gentleman – Chapter Five

Title: A Gentleman’s Gentleman
Chapter: 5 of ?
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG-13 for some bad words
Summary: In which Jack contemplates lovers old and new.


Chapter Five -- Understandings )

Chapter Six here 

Back to Chapter One...
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 So... I start this lj so I can "encourage" myself to write more... and then live theater comes along and eats my brain. This show I'm in runs until Saturday night, so hopefully then I can get back to doing something other than just reading other people's stuff. Not that that's not wonderful and all...

but until then, here's another doodlie that I posted over on a while back -- yet ANOTHER post Cyberwoman fic (but who doesn't love those?)

Plus I need to get back to finishing my multi-chapter piece "A Gentleman's Gentleman" -- I can't leave Jack and Ianto stranded in a country estate in Scotland... I know they feel like the UNIT conference is taking forever, but it really shouldn't. And Ianto has such lovely things planned for Jack for their last night :0)

first three chapters start here:

meanwhile back to drama drama in a little show that in my head has come to be thought of as...  "I Know Why the Caged Mockingbird is Dead"
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ok, so after re-re-re-reading this, and after some very kind, very constructive criticism, I reworked this a bit, and thought I'd throw it up here on the off chance anyone is interested in the edits...

A New Day Dawns -- VERSION II

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Title:  A New Day Dawns
 [personal profile] valancy_joy
Rating: G
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Words: 879
Set somewhere in the vicinity of KKBB, after Jack’s return of course… got a bit floofier than I intended, but sod all these two make me happy…
Summary: In which things are not easy when Jack returns …
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Title: I Can’t Exactly Send Him My Resume Can I?
Summary: A desperate Ianto tries to find a way to get a job at Torchwood 3. Sort of a missing fragment from Fragments, but I didn't have it in me to do the dark and angsty version of this that I could have written...
a/n: There are bunnies all around me today, but the one from yesterday had me wondering about why Ianto would change into a suit to capture a pterodactyl. It sorta went from there. Rather a fluffy bunny, but with a few dark spots. (Spotted plot bunny?) It is what it is, a little Friday fun.


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