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(I sort of fell off the 7 Deadly Sins wagon... but I had a brainstorm and this is what emerged)

There’s hungry, and then there’s hunger. A kid who’s grown up on the dole, a teenager scraping by as best he can on his own, a refugee from terror. Take him up, give him the things he’s never had. Ready money. Abundance. The company credit card. So when his job is buying the food, his secret pleasure is buying the best of the best. Even cannibals can’t stop him from hungering after the finest cut of steak. It’s not compensation, but when there are no limits, the heart dares to dream, and his dreams are ripe, and he is replete.

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Title: Torpor
Sin: Sloth
Character: Owen
Word count: 100
Rated: PG

He lay there, drowsy, half-awake, eyes shut, fingers tracing random patterns over his bedmate’s skin. He listened to her soft even breaths as he buried his nose into the hair at the nape of her neck. His phone chirped. A summons ignored, he pulled the sheet over their shoulders. Half awake, she stretched, and then rolled over. He knew he should go, but chose to remain, safe, warmed by the body heat of this nameless woman. He never bothered with their names. In his head, they were always Katie.

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So I came home from work today, and a drabble wrote itself...

For: [ profile] tw_lucky_7 

Title: Whisp
Author:[ profile] valancy_joy 
Sin: Pride
Character: Gwen
Word Count: 100

“You did it,” Rhys said to her as she lay in the delivery room, damp with sweat, holding their child in her arms. And exhaustion could have been her excuse for the wanderings of her mind. But all Gwen could think of as she lay there gazing down upon damp, downy hair, were all the people who would never see this child. There had been so much death. She heard the dark whispers in her mind, “you were the one who had someone left to live for…” and the nurses saw the rosy flush of shame but called it pride


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