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As I've mentioned pretty much constantly on twitter lately (sorry!) I've fallen back into the world of scrapbooking. My bank account is not thanking me, but I'm enjoying it and rolling with what feels very like an infatuation. It remains to be seen if the love is lasting. Hopefully it will be now that I've replenished my supply stash!

But MAN if you think fandom gets up to some crazy "you must do things one certain way" hijinxs ... its got NOTHING on some of the scrappers who I seriously wonder about. I'm just in it for the pretty papers and cool stuff and a way to tell my stories with pictures. Some people are VERY invested in making sure things are done in very particular ways.

And I guess everyone has their own view, and live and let live and all that. But wow. Loosen up a bit people. It's really okay if you a) use a piece of paper more than once and b) just because a certain manufacturer puts out certain collections of papers that go together, you can mix those papers with pieces from other manufacturer's collections. It's only paper. And there is no such thing as the paper police.

It's all very strange. But then aren't we all??? ;D


Jun. 26th, 2010 07:07 pm
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So while I'm hiding from possible spoilers for the DW finale tonight and waiting for some kind soul to hook me up with access to it, I decided to put together that scrapbook page I had been planning ever since the finale of the last series! So here it is, one season late.

It was somewhat sparked by the product, as I found this laser cut, white thick plastic "paper" that looks at least a little Gallifreyan ... and so I printed off a picture a year ago that I really liked, and added a quick title and a sticker [ profile] kel_reiley  sent me at Christmastime ... and voila, layout. Stuck to the back of the picture is some patterned paper, and the two completed finale bingo cards, although I didn't take a picture of that.

First picture is what it would look like with a colored background...
piccies here... )
bluecastle: (Default)'ll be able to guess why my thoughts turned to Torchwood (and maybe even more to the askverse) when I saw this:

green book... almost a stopwatch ... set the rift warnings to FLUFF ALERT!



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