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Firstly it started with pancakes and bacon... so there's that. Met a friend for breakfast at the local Waffle Shop.

Then swung by the Goodwill to kill some time and found three cute things -- two tops and a dress for about five bucks apiece. YAY.

Then two of the NY/NJ company were in town for the weekend rehearsing a show they're coming back to do tomorrow. (Doesn't everyone drive five hours [times 4 trips] just to perform for half an hour????) And as I was free I went along to help keep things organized. And rehearsal was really good. We're working with a local middle school girl a lot lately and she's a) adorable and b) eager to learn so it's working out really well.

After rehearsal we hit Trader Joe's for supplies and then went back to our director's house and made ENORMOUS and DELICIOUS quesedillas. (I have a feeling that's not spelled right...) We made brownies and settled in for an evening of terrible movies. The new guy to the company clued us into the the worst worst movie ever ... Thankskilling about a resurrected murderous 500 year old trash talking turkey. Truly terrible, but also truly hilarious. We followed that up by that classic bug film Mansquito. So much merriment I was frequently crying I was laughing so hard.

Then up super early Sunday morning to cram in another rehearsal before our little girl had to get to church and the NJ folks had to get back on the road. We reserved the back room at our friend's bookstore and so there was coffee, and a great rehearsal, and there were six doggies in there with their owners and I got many many puppy kisses.

Then I went home and took a nap.

All in all an excellent weekend!!!!!! Now I need to get some more of that coffee stuff I've heard about and get this week started!!


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