bluecastle: (Default)'ll be able to guess why my thoughts turned to Torchwood (and maybe even more to the askverse) when I saw this:

green book... almost a stopwatch ... set the rift warnings to FLUFF ALERT!

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it's going to get me in trouble.

Having finished the first of those Georgette Heyer books last night after the outtakes from the movie "Dave" State of the Union... and pretty much always having Torchwood on the brain... I now really really want to write a canon compliant, but still Torchwood Regency fic. 

I am trying to figure out if I can plausibly cast everyone and put them into Jack's  "household."

Owen's easy [ha. see what I did there] because he doesn't actually have to live with Jack (although he could) and there's always a Doctor hanging around these things, even if they can't really do much but bleed people and give them laudanum.

The girl's are tougher because, well, given the time period, Jack just can't go around picking up single females and keeping them in his house w/o a pretty good explanation.

(I do have an awesome tag line ... "In a society bound by rules... he broke them all..." Jack's such a bad boy.

Because I'm challenging myself to keep it canon compliant I am working on Jack gathering up Tosh, and figuring out how Gwen gets him to hire her.

I know what I want to do with Suzie ... and I think I can work in Alice and her mom really REALLY easily.

And I know Ianto gets himself hired as the butler ('cause it's too good not to use) and yes, he still has secret!Lisa ...

I am unsure how much of the immortal Jack ... and the alien fighting I want to include. But there are just all kinds of race/class issues that are making my brain spin in good ways...

Also I think Andy has to be the Vicar. :D

So that's what my brain is playing with today...


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