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so one of the exercises in my recent self-care/joy class was "today, pick a work to embody." F'rinstance "today I will be _________" And a bunch of us have been exploring SOFT lately as a word. What does soft feel like? What does soft wear? How does she do her hair? What does she eat/drink/listen to etc...

So Saturday I woke up with a tension headache and I thought "okay, why not give this embodying exercise a try. So I thought about "soft" and fixed myself breakfast in bed (a think I do commonly now and its changing my life for reals). I didn't try and make myself get up, just stayed in bed for a while and read a bit and waited for the painkillers to kick in. Eventually I got up and puttered around for a while and did some laundry and went on a little adventure to find a local farm store, and came home and took a nap and fixed dinner, and read for a while longer and went to bed. And it was a lovely day and the headache went away. Success!

So Sunday morning I lay there in bed and thought about doing another day of "soft" but that didn't feel quite right somehow, but I had a little breakfast and did another found poem and Sunday's word found me ... "comfort". Cue another calm and restful day.

The details of all of this don't really matter. But what I can't stop thinking about this morning is that by jettisoning the guilt over staying in my pjs, or napping my Saturday away I not only got things done (dishes, laundry, a bit of picking up) but I came back to this work week rested, refreshed, and feeling much better than I normally do on Mondays. I still have to mow the lawn ... but I have a feeling that I'm going to be coming back to the word SOFT with some regularity.

One of our other class exercises helped us find a word to focus on and mine was "ease." Soft feels like Ease's cousin. And I'm liking where they're taking me!


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