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So I just went over and worked on one of my projects which is go unpack 50+ boxes of donated books and put them on some shelves so the relevant librarian can go through them and figure out which ones to discard right away and what to do with the rest of them etc...

(highlights today included a volumes of bondage porn with bonus robots, and 2 volumes of a stamp collection!!)

I'm just unpacking away, having been told to fill up all the available shelf space before the faculty member will deign to come down and do her bit ... And I start to get snarky comments, and then end up hiding in the cubicle where I'm emptying the boxes because the employees that work in the corner of the room are gathered around bitching about how many shelves I'm taking up.

I do love ending up in the middle of territorial pissing matches.

I was just going to let the chips fall where they may, but when I emailed the faculty to say ... hey ... all the shelves are full now! I did mention FYI that there was some complaining going on.

Welcome to bureaucracy where the middle managers make decisions, and then the peons march around with pitchforks...

sigh. lol. I just want to go home and change out of these dust and book mold covered clothes!!!


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