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So I have to learn to train myself not to automatically assume the worst when boss-type people come into your office and close the door!

I was in the middle of eating my lunch when the department head came in and after some grumbling about my not having a chair that wasn't piled full of stuff proceeds to ask me if I'd heard that there was a move afoot to get our service desk manager a cubicle NEAR the service desk (what a novel concept!). There's been talk about this floating around for a while now, which seemed to vary on odd/even days whether it was likely or never going to happen.

But now it seems that the need for faculty offices combined with the push for manager man's staff cubicle, led someone higher up the food chain to say "hey ... would you like THREE cubicles so all your staff could be in the same place?" Hence Dept Head asking me what I thought before he got back to the administration.

Frankly, other than the loss in privacy I think its a marvelous idea. Mostly in relation to how often in my new job duties I'm trying to process a whole truck of books and there's just not room in my office to allow me to pull a booktruck up beside my desk.

Just before this I was saying to a group of online friends about how this week was trying to kick my ass, but I was trying to take it in stride and look for the good in the energies swirling around. So maybe this is my reward for leaning into the wind and trying to go with the flow :) I mean, sure, an actual office is always better than a cubicle ... but for the day to day _doing_ of this job, I think someplace a little more communal is a good thing! And while I sort of hate packing, I LOVE unpacking! So we'll see. Our service desk is in its temporary summer quarters right now while they reinforce and then raise the floors. There was no clear picture when this might happen, but maybe this Fall...

Otherwise, running mostly on fumes. I got home a bit earlier last night (9pm instead of 10pm), ate cereal for dinner, did a few show/prop related things, tried to find clean clothes, and finally fell into bed around midnight. Full final run tonight. They didn't do TOO badly during the run last night. The worst bit was jumping ahead a page and a half in the script. Between the four of us (two actors, the director, and me) generally two of us are freaking out at any given moment ... but that's production week!!

OK, must dash and deal with the rest of a cart of books. Semi-mindless tasks are good things today!!

Date: 2014-06-13 03:59 pm (UTC)
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I'm sure I'd assume the worst too! I hate unpacking AND packing, LOL.


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