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So I was trying to watch Almost Human last night when I got distracted on Facebook by that thing that's going around where someone gives you a number and you have to say that many things about yourself. But not in the usual way. No one's tagged me yet, but I was idly browsing through a friend's responses and in there it said she was a camp counselor at the same girl scout camp that I went to (and that my Mom was a counselor at in fact). So I messaged her and said that. And we compared notes and the years were matching up, so on a whim I pulled out my grade school years scrapbook and there in the 1975-1977 pockets were my camp photos waiting to be put into a layout. And so there I am in my living room, with robots getting blown up in the background, looking at pictures and realizing that YES I had photographic proof that long before I met my friend at the local community theater, there she was looking back at me from a picture taken roughly 37 years ago. So I took a quick snap and set it to her and said "IS THIS YOU??" and she's all OMG OMG yes. And so wow.

I'm still kinda blown away by that.

Don't let anyone ever tell you this world is large and disconnected. In my experience its very very small.

(But now I gotta rewatch the Almost Human pilot as I missed all the good bantery bits in the middle.)
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