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bluecastle ([personal profile] bluecastle) wrote2014-10-29 12:49 pm


based on the amount and type of venting I've been doing/included in this morning it really might be time to start actively turning this boat around.

I no longer have the energy or desire to work for someone whose actively playing mind games with her employees and then coming to them and going BZZZZT YOU FAILED when they a)do what they were told to do, and b) didn't mind read her enough to know that what she wanted us to do is the opposite of what she told us.

anyway... between my own demons, and the number of people around me who are sick and/or dying and/or recovering from a relapse and rehab... I am on my last nerve, and I didn't have that many of them in the first place. 
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[personal profile] used_songs 2014-10-30 12:40 am (UTC)(link)
I can't stand working with/for people who play those kinds of games. Life is hard enough already - I don't know why people create drama.