Jun. 16th, 2014

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...mostly intact. Although I slept through most of yesterday. Some of that was a stupid sinus headache, but mostly just exhaustion I think.

In the down time between the 3pm and the 7:30 show Saturday, the woman playing the mother asked the director "so what have you learned from doing this." And he said all the right things, but somehow I never connected with his choices for this show. We had numerous examples of people crying all over Facebook after the show. Copious weeping, but somehow I could always see the strings being pulled so I never even really teared up. But the whole point of the thing was to be a learning experience for him. I was just there because he still needed to learn the crucial lesson "you can't direct and be on book at the same time..." :)

Also, I will never ever think a recorded gun shot sounds as good as a live version. Granted, we weren't allowed to use blanks as we weren't an official university production (or something). I'm hopeless old school about this, but give me two 2x4's to clack together every time. I just think that unless the people onstage are listening to a gun shot over an intercom or something that it just looses all impact when its clearly a recorded sound.

But my friend go his post final blackout HUSH from the audience before they pulled themselves together enough to applaud. This made him happy. So I'm good. Actually I was personally really happy with the slow slow fade to black we finally got to on the last performance. It felt right.

So now I can hopefully get my life back! And I got some lovely parting gifts that that's an extra special bonus! I can't wait to try out that bergamot scented candle!


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