Jun. 13th, 2014

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It's Friday! Earlier it was 94% humid. Five and a half hours is not enough sleep. Why did the lights just go out outside my office?

But mostly thoughts about today's free lunch at work. It's our annual (and possibly 'last in this format' thanks to some impending sweeping administrative changes coming down the pike) awards luncheon. Well, awards feels a bit misleading. It's basically years of service thank yous... every five year you get a tote bag and a small gift and your boss or their designated delegate stands up and says nice things about you and we get free sandwiches and cupcakes. And warm bottles of water...

I always feel a bit conflicted sitting there polite clapping (I started at year 11 and so will get my 15 year tote bag either next year or the year after depending on how they count...) and it is, on one hand, lovely to get everyone together and share good things about our co-workers.

But sometimes I think it tips over into gratuitous self-congratulation. Also there are door prizes which I never win! ;)

Also, especially in our case because we have so many more than any other unit, it points out the very large divide between staff and faculty. The staff notice which faculty members (don't ask me to explain the special snowflake "Library Faculty" designation... it's complicated.) don't bother to show up. Hell, I notice I was the only STAFF member to show up.

But at the end of the day it's nice words and free food...

Final run of the show went OK last night. There's one page where things always fall apart and they end up chasing each other around for AGES making shit up until one of them gets the dialog back on track. So we'll see how opening night goes tonight. A friend came and took photos of the show ... and they made her cry. She's crying away and still snapping pictures. Frankly the show is 75 minutes of mind fuckery and 15 minutes of heartbreak, and really, those 15 minutes will supercede any little bobbles that came before.

It's been an odd experience working on a show for someone learning to direct. And because he didn't bring me in until the last minute I don't feel I've been all that much help. Some, sure, but still. But it's one of the cool things about working at the University. There are always learning experiences to have, and to help with. Even if that means I've going to spend the next two days unpacking a garbage can full of garbage three times over. Oh the glamour of the theater... ;)


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