Jun. 11th, 2014

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Work is slowly driving me bonkers. I'm trying to juggle at least 5 projects, and there's SO MUCH CONSTRUCTION. (You don't even know. ITS SO MUCH.) And trying to concentrate meanwhile they're jackhammering underneath your office ... So. Not. Fun.

Plus I'm exhausted from last night's 4 1/2 hour rehearsal. The getting home late is one thing, but its always compounded by stopping for dinner on the way home and then getting home and needing to eat, and being keyed up from rehearsal so I need at least an hours TV watching downtime. Then there were extra props to gather up ...

This show I'm doing -- a bare(ish) bones production of 'Night Mother -- is basically to help out a friend whose a returning adult student theater major (I guess. he's here doing theatery things anyway). And because I know one of the the actresses (my friend who owns the bookstore/cafe). But my friend is a rather newbie director ... and its challenging to watch him struggle, and the actresses struggle, and the woman playing the Mother is losing her voice ...

I think he's pushing them to do too much in too little time, but when is there EVER enough rehearsal time??

Ah the romance of theater... LOL. We open Friday night, and have two shows on Saturday and then its over. It's frustrating coming in at the last minute and trying to do what I can, but on the other hand, one mad week plus two rehearsals is survivable!

So that's my day so far. 


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