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You know how when Kermit the Frog gets totally fed up with everything falling down around him and just runs around screaming AAAAAAAAAA? Yeah. Tha't going to me today (perhaps minus the running part, thanks to a bruised pinky toe).
I have a major work thing the next two days where I have to go into the mothership and spend nine hours a day trying to sell my department to 3,000 or so mostly distinterested students. Besides the general suckiness of having to pack up all the nonsense needed to spend two days at the library, it's a big time drain on my nerves. I am not good at anything remotely related to sales. So I have to put on my actor hat ... and doing that for an entire day (followed by another entire day) is VERY WEARYING. It's like doing eight performances of a full sized play back to back to back... (silver lining: at least this year there is wireless internet and my baby laptop. We are encouraged to tweet the open house, so I will do that, but will also have access to my own stuff too!)

And then... to put the cherry on top of things ... the theater group I work with is preparing for a Shakespeare festival weekend after next, and rehearsals are starting to kick in. So following the soul sucking work thing, I will have to go and try and stage manage a bunch of actresses.

ALSO. I have been asked to help write one of the sketches (I also have a sneaking suspicion I'm writing my own performance piece). So, me, who doesn't write well on a time schedule, has to try and come up with wacky Shakespearean food hilarity. I would be working on writing that in between all this work and rehearsal stuff...

EXCEPT. The company has recently hired me to help do some of the rudimentary kinds of PR ... sending out press releases, and submitting events to websites, and the like. Since we're working on selling the Shakespeare thing, this all needs to be done like yesterday ...

Which is the point at which I turn into a flailing frog!!!!!

Add the stress of a friend whose father is dying, another friend who's in a play that I must find time to see, the fact that a couple of the NY actors may have to bunk on my living room floor, which means I have to find time to CLEAN MY HOUSE...


Gosh life. Could you just chill out a tiny bit???????? K. Thxs.


Aug. 15th, 2009 03:21 pm
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Just saw a newspaper article that a guy I know sort of, from once having done a show with him, was arrested for beating the crap out of his girlfriend and being verbally abusive. The college paper picked it up as he had just been hired to teach a class in the theater department. And not only did they run a photo of him in what appears to be prison garb... they're also running what looks like his head shot.


The guy always was a jerk, and came from money ... so working with him wasn't the greatest, but the cast party his family threw was legendary!

my oh my oh my...
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so it's morning, right? I'm a little vauge at the moment. pepsi. check. pop-tart. check. must be morning.

very sleepy here -- although I'm not sure if that's as a result of accumulated sleepiness, or the remains of that over the counter sleep aid I took last night.

is it fallout from cutting "Will there really be a morning? Is there such a thing as day?" from the script yesterday?

at just about 10 hours till final dress nerves are starting to kick in. tonight is when it's up to me to make the show look good or bad. I've got this one chance to integrate the light and sound cues and get them in the right spots, for the right length ot time, and at the right volume.

I just have to keep reminding myself it's just a rehearsal. And that once the lights come on, they just stay that way until the end. But there's still the sound cues. and I HATE sound cues.

and now it's T minus 34 hours until I could screw it up in front of paying customers. gah.

I keep thinking I should have done more last night. that I'm forgetting things. but my oak desk chair is in the car. the photos have been framed, and the sound cues burned to a disc.

I do have to make a bazillion copies of poems sometime when I can sneak time in the copy room. we're rocking that "jane austen" font.

there are a couple of prop letters I need to get the fountain pen out and hand write the addresses to.

but I can get that all done in the next ten hours. can't I?

I think I can. if I can just keep from falling asleep at my desk!!!!
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We're in the push-me-pull-you stage of theatrical production.

first email exchange of the day:

Me: Uh, the director wonders if we can do [THIS] instead of what we talked about.
LD: HUH? I thought we were doing [plan A].
Director: OK, sorry. Nevermind. Forget about the change of plans. We're going back to plan A.

second email exchange of the day:

Theater manager: Hey guys...your space is free all day.
Theater manager (half an hour later): Oops. I lied. Sorry. You can't get in till late afternoon...

Still haven't heard back from Producers about going over to look at the props and furniture warehouse on campus. So while we have alternative furniture we are waiting on the warehouse trip before dragging in three sets of everything, putting us even further behind than if someone would just make a flipping decision!!


on the plus side -- at least there's still a plan A.
note to production staff.
Could we STICK to plan A please???
I can't manage anything if you're pulling the rug out from under me every hour on the hour.
K? Thx.

and people wonder why creative types resort to self medicating...
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Ok, so let me just apologize ahead of time for the whinging I'm am likely to be doing over the next four days as we work on putting up "The Belle of Amherst." Production weeks require a lot of venting... and my cat is tired of hearing me stomping around the house cursing at things.

So. You have been warned! :0)

Tonight was supposed to be a cue to cue with a run following.

Yeah. Ok. So anyone who actually thought that was what was going to happen (a.k.a. the director) really needs to get a reality check.

Now I like lighting designers. Even after doing theater for the past 25 years, I know very little about lighting things. So I need those guys and gals who are willing to run up and down ladders and handle hot things and punch bright blinky buttons to make the lights turn off and on.

I would like to blame our LD for faffing around endlessly, putting us hours behind schedule, and ending up with us essentially bagging rehearsal as he ran around and tweaked things.

But really, it was a clusterfuck all the way around, and the LD is just the designated scapegoat tonight. The LD couldn't focus 'cause we didn't have the furniture on time. The dress still looks half-assed as every alteration just makes some other part of the dress look even worse. We are still hunting for furniture and props. We haven't run the show in like weeks . Some schmo who designed the space w/o out any theater background painted the walls taupe and mustard, and so any lighting is fighting an uphill battle, from the get. One of the co-producers just got home the other day from major open heart surgery.

So as you can see it's just wrong. What's a stressed stage manager to do?

The good news is that I've been doing this for long enough that shit like this ceases to scare me. Annoy me, yes. But it will all get pulled together somehow and Friday there will be people in the seats, and "Emily" will talk to them for 85 minutes (and they get CAKE)... and they'll be amazed simply because it was 85 minutes of memorization (If she hasn't forgotten it all by now...).

But I just hate sitting around on a grotty platform for four hours waiting for other people to get their shit in gear!

So now I am nomming a giant bucket 'o onion rings and watching Kathy Griffin on the tee vee and trying to decompress.
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OK, so when, in a previous posting, I asked the universe to supply a white dress, I guess I should have also specified that it be a drama free delivery...

All this went down about a week ago, and in the grand scheme of things is just a bump in the road, but it still rankles.

See, the producer, the actress, and I (the stage manager and de facto purveyor of all things vintage) went over to the local university and found a glorious mid-1800's looking white gown (size wee damn small!) but that was w/in an inch or so of fitting our actress (who's a full time seamstress, so no worries on the alterations). The thing is stunning... embroidered net fabric, boned bodice with pin tucks for miles. This lovely thing probably has 100+ man (student) hours in construction ... so we signed the EXTREMELY reasonable rental contract and packed it up.

White gown. Emily Dickinson. We're good to go, yes?

To my way of thinking the dress is about the only thing you really need to sell this show. It's sort of integral to the visual language of  a piece about Emily...

But then the producers get this case of the heebie-jeebies about a white dress and the copious amounts of ink and tea in the show. The contract says $500 replacement fee if the dress is damaged. Not unreasonable, but apparently this was enough to send the producers over the edge.

Long story short-ish... after a lot of griping and sniping, we have been forbidden from using the dress in the show. Some lady they know says she has a bunch of "vintage" clothing and she'll sell them a couple dresses for $70. Uh huh. OK.

What makes me worry is when the produers come back with questions like "Are you sure the dress has to be white?"



Anyway... so the costuming is back in the hand of the producers. The director is out of state working on other projects for the next six weeks, and the actress and I are just going to concentrate on getting Act I memorized over the next weeks.

Le sigh. The extra headaches when trying to put on a show with a company with VERY little money.


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